Time Travel and Walking to New York City

Fats Domino became famous for Walking to New Orleans. A quick scan of the lyrics confirms that his goal was to trek to the Big Easy. It’s not like he went for a stroll and just ended up in Nola, is it? One beautiful day last week in Montreal, with the sun shining but theContinue reading “Time Travel and Walking to New York City”

10,000 Steps in Montreal

In an effort to combat COVID-19 confinement languor, I’ve been trying to get in a 10,000 step stroll most days. Today I went to downtown Montreal. Even with its scofflaw sidewalk cyclists and scooter users, its lack of parking spots, its sad ghost-town appearance, given the huge number of permanently closed businesses, it’s still aContinue reading “10,000 Steps in Montreal”

Shock Advertising And Cyclists In The 1940s

The photograph above was taken in 1941. The location is just up the street from where I live. At first glance it looks pretty sinister: a Nazi plane has apparently just crashed nose-first into a public park. In the tree is a parachute, evidently, the pilot was able to eject and his whereabouts are notContinue reading “Shock Advertising And Cyclists In The 1940s”

It Takes a Lot to Laugh, a Train to Cry and a Crane to Make a Crane

Strolling through post-snow storm downtown Montreal early last evening I came upon one of my favourite things. Like a child, I am amazed by construction cranes. The erection of them, the actually precision use of the crane, and ultimately the take-down; all fascinate me. Perhaps it is my fear of heights, but I can’t beginContinue reading “It Takes a Lot to Laugh, a Train to Cry and a Crane to Make a Crane”

Missing Red Dot

A couple of months ago my wife and I visited New York City. We stayed in a hotel on the Upper West Side, clean, convenient, and not too pricey. The only problem was the dodgy emergency exit signs. We were on the eleventh floor, one that had clearly once had larger rooms that had beenContinue reading “Missing Red Dot”

New York City Redux

What a difference forty-two years make. In 1977, when I was 17/18 years old a group of my fellow college students and I went, on two occasions, to New York City. The school hired the bus and booked the hotel rooms, I think the whole thing may have cost $60. At that time New YorkContinue reading “New York City Redux”

A Proclivity for Misplacing Things

Some folks are forever losing their keys, some constantly misplace gloves, while others have a proclivity to forget where they put almost anything. I am one who can say that I do not share in any of these silly shortcomings. If only I could find those cups of coffee I picked up on the wayContinue reading “A Proclivity for Misplacing Things”

No Strutting on Snow Leaf Mixture

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of strut is: intransitive verb 1    to become turgid: swell 2   a: to walk with a proud gait      b: to walk with a pompous and affected air ***** This is the time of year when Montreal’s seasons overlap; this morning’s dusting of snow mixed with fallen leaves. The wet leaves areContinue reading “No Strutting on Snow Leaf Mixture”