Presidential Decorum a Relic of the Past

I have a friend who is American but currently resides here in Montreal. He has often commented to me about how knowledgeable he finds many Canadians are regarding the United States. I have pointed out that for Canadians, living so close to the USA, it is almost impossible not to become more than familiar withContinue reading “Presidential Decorum a Relic of the Past”

Montreal Fifty Years After EXPO 67; Sorry Mayor Drapeau

Fifty years ago this week , Thursday, April 27, 1967 to be precise, was the opening day of Montreal’s EXPO 67 World’s Fair. It was a General Exposition of the first category as decreed by the  Bureau International des Expositions (the first fair of this magnitude ever to be held in North America). The themeContinue reading “Montreal Fifty Years After EXPO 67; Sorry Mayor Drapeau”

Montreal Casino Opens New Upscale Restaurant

On Thursday The Montreal Gazette ran an article about the new restaurant at the Casino de Montréal: L’Atelier Montréal de Joël Robuchon. Robuchon is a much decorated and world-renowned chef, including 28 Michelin stars. Evidently the gastronomic scene in Canada is about to be stood on its head. Will it be able to keep up?Continue reading “Montreal Casino Opens New Upscale Restaurant”

Rio Olympics Coverage: Kudos to CBC Et al.

The Rio 2016 Olympics are now in the history books. The horrors that some feared would befall the games did not, thankfully, seem to materialize. I am a big fan of the Olympics for several reasons but primarily because they give me an opportunity to see sports that I rarely see other than during theContinue reading “Rio Olympics Coverage: Kudos to CBC Et al.”

Legacy of Montreal’s Summer Olympics Forty Years Later

With the Rio Olympics opening this weekend, and Montreal marking the 40th anniversary of our games in 1976  much has been said and written about the legacy of those games. The Gazette columnist Basem Boshra wrote a piece on Monday titled Hosting the Olympics was cool, really, but let’s never do it again. While IContinue reading “Legacy of Montreal’s Summer Olympics Forty Years Later”

The (Possible) Future of Baseball in Montreal

The following appeared in the Montreal Gazette today. Another very successful baseball weekend has taken place in Montreal. One that, upon reflection, speaks volumes about how the city has evolved. Over one hundred thousand fans ponied up to watch two games between the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox. The nostalgia was thicker thanContinue reading “The (Possible) Future of Baseball in Montreal”

Olympians and Ball Fans: Ironies and Names

With the world watching the 76 Olympic controversy around the actual sex of some female athletes, who would have thought that one male gold medalists was contemplating a gender switch the other way. Were those East German water polo ladies really female? Were they men competing as women against women? In the summer of 1976Continue reading “Olympians and Ball Fans: Ironies and Names”

Bruce Jender:Transgendering or Rebranding

The big media event of the past few days was Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer. Frankly what Jenner opts to do with his life, let alone his gender – will he change his name to Bruce Jender? –  is really none of my business. But as he seems intent on thrusting it in people’sContinue reading “Bruce Jender:Transgendering or Rebranding”

Cricket World Cup: Canadian Viewers Must Shell Out

The ICC Cricket World Cup is underway down under. Over the next six weeks cricket’s biggest event is taking place in Australia and New Zealand. Cricket fans around the world will be able to see the game played at its highest level. One estimate puts the audience for the India-Pakistan match, which has been likenedContinue reading “Cricket World Cup: Canadian Viewers Must Shell Out”

Sochi Olympic Games Poll

The Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia are now over. Thankfully all went well from a security standpoint and the organizers are being praised. The same organizers who were being raked over the coals just two weeks ago when it appeared all was not ready for the arrival of the world. In retrospect what didContinue reading “Sochi Olympic Games Poll”