Happy 100th Anniversary George and Madge

Exactly one-hundred years ago today – it was a Tuesday – December 3, 1918, London was enjoying an unseasonably mild day. With the Armistice having been signed just weeks before, one can easily imagine the sense of relief and happiness that must have pervaded the city after long years of war. Locals could once againContinue reading “Happy 100th Anniversary George and Madge”

Wake For a Pub; Godspeed Irish Embassy

I went to a wake last night. it wasn’t my intention, nor was it a typical wake. A traditional Irish wake takes place before a funeral – in the wake of the death  – and is an opportunity for mourners to reflect on the life of the departed. Once they were held in the homeContinue reading “Wake For a Pub; Godspeed Irish Embassy”

Outlander, Mr. Peabody and Time Travel

  Having binge watched the first two seasons on Netflix, my wife is now reduced to a single weekly episode of Outlander. The hugely popular historical time travel series is in its third season, with a promise of a fourth to follow. …I have never really been able to grasp books or films that includeContinue reading “Outlander, Mr. Peabody and Time Travel”

Don’t Memorize, Write an Article

mem·o·rize ˈmeməˌrīz/Submit verb commit to memory; learn by heart. As my memory starts to play games with me I have taken to writing things down. Not just grocery lists and the like, but family history and lore. With two such memory-boosters developing from mere notes to published articles about my grandmothers.   DCMontreal – DeeganContinue reading “Don’t Memorize, Write an Article”

School Principal’s Less Than Magnetic Personality

It’s the first day of school. As I have mentioned in another post, I don’t believe I ever returned to school before hearing Jerry Lewis close out his annual Labour Day telethon by singing You’ll Never Walk Alone. Fifty years ago I was entering grade three. I still live around the corner from the schoolContinue reading “School Principal’s Less Than Magnetic Personality”

A Nostalgic Look at Park Pond Cleaning

Today is a beautiful summer day in Montreal. The sky is cloudless, the humidity level is moderate, even tolerable. After many dull cool days, this is a beaut. I left my apartment building for a stroll through the park and was reveling in the wonderful conditions when it hit me like a slap to theContinue reading “A Nostalgic Look at Park Pond Cleaning”

Expo 67’s Lack of Corporate Branding

As we mark the 150th birthday of Canada – rare are references to it as our sesquicentennial, thank God – we are also celebrating the city of Montreal’s 375th anniversary. But for me the most enjoyable reminiscences have been those documenting the 50th anniversary of EXPO 67. One of the things that has struck meContinue reading “Expo 67’s Lack of Corporate Branding”

Home Children: My Paternal Grandmother

Last year I wrote a piece for a British genealogical magazine, Family Tree, about my paternal grandmother. She came to Canada as part of the Home Children migration program. Here it is. DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit ofContinue reading “Home Children: My Paternal Grandmother”

Postal Art and the Hope Diamond

Here’s an example of my Great Uncles’ correspondence during the early 1900s. The envelope below was posted at 2:15 pm on March 9, 1903 from London. It was from Matthew Deegan, aged 21 at the time, and addressed to his brother Ernest Deegan c/o Lord Francis Hope. Does that name sound familiar? Think diamond!  Continue reading “Postal Art and the Hope Diamond”

REPOST: World War One Centenary – Family Lore and Family Loss

I often wonder what those men who managed to survive the “War to end all wars”, my grandfather among them, felt when twenty-odd years later they watched their sons go off to the battlefields of Europe once again. With countless media reports and background pieces regarding the centenary of the start of World War One thisContinue reading “REPOST: World War One Centenary – Family Lore and Family Loss”