Time For Major GOP Funders To Withhold

In the wake of yet another mass killing at yet another US school, the rallying cry has gone out to get elected officials to do something about the ridiculously easy access to high-powered guns in the United States. And as usual, one party, the Democrats, are standing with those shouting for an end, while RepublicansContinue reading “Time For Major GOP Funders To Withhold”

Another Mass Shooting; Another Call For More Guns

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This oft cited Albert Einstein quotation has been running through my mind as I watch the television news coverage of the stunning mass killing at Orlando’s Pulse Club. Sitting here north of the border and seeing mass shooting after mass shootingContinue reading “Another Mass Shooting; Another Call For More Guns”

Rolling Stone, Tsarnaev, Lanza, Hitler and Manson

If the editors of Rolling Stone magazine thought putting Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover would garner them some publicity they were bang on! Virtually wall-to-wall media attention has been paid to the cover. While some large retail outlets have decided not to sell the August issue, I think that will beContinue reading “Rolling Stone, Tsarnaev, Lanza, Hitler and Manson”

Canadian children killed in separate shootings

Two terrible episodes of young people being fatally shot have occurred recently in Canada. A couple of days ago a 12 year old boy In Dorval, Quebec  killed his 16 year old brother with what has been called a “family handgun” by police.  The child has been charged in youth court with manslaughter and possession of aContinue reading “Canadian children killed in separate shootings”

Piers Morgan should move to Montreal

So CNN’s Piers Morgan finds himself the topic of not one but two petitions: one, currently with about 90,000 signatures, to deport him from the US back to the UK, and another launched in the UK  to keep him in the US (only 600 signatures or so). All of this stems from Morgan’s crusade forContinue reading “Piers Morgan should move to Montreal”

Language in Quebec; guns in the US – the search for peace

Interesting juxtaposition on the Opinion Page of today’s The Gazette. On the left side, a series of letters relating to linguistic peace in Quebec. While on the right hand side Aislin’s cartoon captures the difficulty President Obama faces in trying to solve the growing gun problem in the United States. I’d like both of theseContinue reading “Language in Quebec; guns in the US – the search for peace”

Newtown copycats cause church evacuation

Sadly the copycat mentality is alive and well and causing havoc in Newtown and surrounding areas in Connecticut. Yesterday’s church service, not the one attended by President Obama, had to be cut short and the church evacuated due to a bomb threat. What kind of mind does something like that? Today schools in two otherContinue reading “Newtown copycats cause church evacuation”