R.I.P. Father John Walsh – Thank You

A much loved Montreal Catholic priest, Father John Emmitt Walsh, passed away suddenly yesterday. He was preparing to celebrate the funeral of a close friend when he suffered a major heart attack. He was seventy-eight. Father Walsh was many things to many people including, a theologian, a parish priest, a pastor, an author, a professor,Continue reading “R.I.P. Father John Walsh – Thank You”

Lest We Forget: Remember To Remember On Wednesday

There is sure to be a plethora of media noise emanating from my southern neighbours for the next weeks, if not months (years?). Even with the election of Joe Biden, after four long days of painstaking ballot counting, the fireworks are not going to end soon. And once again he has, sadly, opted to beContinue reading “Lest We Forget: Remember To Remember On Wednesday”

Make Votes Count; Hire More Counters

The last polls in the United States have been closed for more than two days. Still no final result. I think I’m on a first name basis with all the CNN folks as they fill time during this neverendum referendum. With the COVID pandemic running amok, many people chose not to stand in line atContinue reading “Make Votes Count; Hire More Counters”

Interview With The Novel Coronavirus

I assure you this wasn’t easy to arrange, it required calling in some very big I.O.U.s, a great deal of legwork, even some begging and, not a little bit of luck, but finally, I was able to secure ten minutes of time with the Novel Coronavirus for a one-on-one interview. I was, of course, swornContinue reading “Interview With The Novel Coronavirus”

Think I’ll Be An Influencer

Taking advantage of round two of COVID-19 isolation, I’ve been doing some thinking (not always a good idea, in all honesty). Not only have I been thinking, but I’ve decided to seriously consider making a career change. Yes indeed, at the ripe old age of sixty-one I have decided to become an Influencer. It hitContinue reading “Think I’ll Be An Influencer”

COVID-19: Close Schools And Open Bars

Today is the day. At some point, probably this afternoon, the Government of Quebec will reveal what will be happening this Thursday. That will be October 29th; it will also mark the end of the 28-day increased confinement in the province’s Red Zones, including Montreal. As the school year began, albeit under severe conditions, andContinue reading “COVID-19: Close Schools And Open Bars”

Final Nail In Pub’s Coffin

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog will be familiar with my more than passing love of bars and pubs. From my late teens (okay, perhaps my mid-teens) I have felt at home in these once smoky establishments. As a younger man my preference was night-time forays to Montreal’s many drinking places. But withContinue reading “Final Nail In Pub’s Coffin”

To All The Bars I’ve Loved Before

In Montreal they have forced bars, pubs, and restaurants to close as we deal with wave two of COVID-19. Please don’t pass judgement, but this has left me with significant free time on my hands (better than my liver, I guess). So idle hands being what they are, and with sincere apologies to Willie NelsonContinue reading “To All The Bars I’ve Loved Before”

COVID In The White House

Like many, I awoke this morning to the shocking news that United States President Donald Trump, and his wife, had tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus. I’m in no way a big fan of the current president, his policies, his demeanour, what he has done to abase the highest office in the land, are allContinue reading “COVID In The White House”

Code Red On Fun

Some weeks ago the Government of Quebec established a colour system to illustrate the various levels of the COVID-19 alert around the province. Never wanting to be left out, the city of Montreal has, as of yesterday, plunged headfirst into the highest – red – level. Yep, it’s scientifically demonstrable that activities that may leadContinue reading “Code Red On Fun”