Protests for beginners

Back in the sixties protests were all the rage. I was but a child, so I missed the opportunity to participate in these protests. Anti-racism, anti-Vietnam war, anti-pollution, anti-capitalism; all sorts of angst was expressed in the streets of cities around the world. Were these peaceful gatherings successful? If the goal was to bring problemsContinue reading “Protests for beginners”

Montreal to get a ring – sadly not a Stanley Cup ring

With the recent passing of the legendary Montreal Canadiens’ star player Guy Lafleur much has been said and written about the state of our dearly loved and storied NHL franchise. Both sadly and ironically, during the same week that Lafleur passed away, the current on-ice edition of the Canadiens ‘clinched’ last place overall in theContinue reading “Montreal to get a ring – sadly not a Stanley Cup ring”

Dogs on Public Transit; What Could Go Wrong?

Montreal’s official opposition party Ensemble Montréal is planning to table a motion that would call for dogs to be allowed on the city’s public transit. Obviously, service dogs are currently welcome, but this new concept would allow all leashed dogs to ride the system. It seems that other cities, including Toronto, have had positive experiencesContinue reading “Dogs on Public Transit; What Could Go Wrong?”

Smith vs Rock was no Mailer vs Vidal

During the 1960s and 70s, authors Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer were fierce rivals and often combatants. They just didn’t like each other. In one famous incident during a crowded party, Vidal was talking with a group of people and was accosted by Mailer who threw his drink in Vidal’s face, punched him, then head-buttedContinue reading “Smith vs Rock was no Mailer vs Vidal”

Cycling Rights Versus Personal Safety

Yesterday Montrealers awoke to the sad news that a woman cyclist had been hit by a car on a main downtown street. Thankfully she was alive when transported to the hospital.  I wish her well. When these incidents occur it brings about the debate about the safety of bike riding in urban areas, particularly duringContinue reading “Cycling Rights Versus Personal Safety”

Like Sting I Hope the Russians Love Their Children Too

It’s been a scary time. Over the last few years, we have managed to deal with a deadly pandemic, only to find ourselves on the brink of a disaster in Ukraine, one that has already created a humanitarian crisis as innocent Ukrainian citizens either flee for their lives or stay and fight a much biggerContinue reading “Like Sting I Hope the Russians Love Their Children Too”

Epaper or Hardcopy: It’s all about access

I love newspapers. In fact, I am a news junkie in general but have always loved the local coverage of my world found in my local newspaper. In my case that is the Montreal Gazette. I held out for a long time, but several years ago I gave in and switched to the epaper version.Continue reading “Epaper or Hardcopy: It’s all about access”

We’re all fed up

Over the weekend thousands of people converged on Parliament Hill in Canada’s capital city Ottawa. The so-called Freedom Convoy of truckers from across the country, and many hangers-on are protesting the government’s stance on COVID-19 vaccinations and mask-wearing. Indeed, as this convoy grew over a week or so to denounce vaccine requirements for cross-border trucking,Continue reading “We’re all fed up”

COVID’s moving front line

The COVID19 pandemic has thrust some people, some positions, onto the front lines. These positions, such as shelf-stocker, usually required a minimal amount of social interaction. Traditionally the term front line workers referred to doctors, nurses, indeed most medical workers, police, firefighters and, other life-and-death professionals. Now, because the front line itself has been movedContinue reading “COVID’s moving front line”