A Letter To FIFA; Just a Few Suggestions

Dear FIFA, Thank you so very much for a wonderful World Cup 2014 in Brazil. During the past month I have been wrapped up in the competition on a daily basis and have watched enough football games to last me … well … about four years. And therein lies perhaps your only problem; the lackContinue reading “A Letter To FIFA; Just a Few Suggestions”

It’s Conkers season, grab a chestnut and start swinging

While walking through a local park yesterday and trying to avoid the mashed crab apples that are strewn on the pathways and cause havoc with both my shoes and my carpets, I noticed I had moved from a crab apple tree area to a chestnut tree zone as evidenced by the appearance of a grandContinue reading “It’s Conkers season, grab a chestnut and start swinging”

NCAA March Madness; Americans do hoopla well

While the British lead the way when it comes to pomp and circumstance, no one does hoopla better than the Americans. And hoop-la is a very apt way to describe the annual college basketball championship tournament that is getting underway now. Yes it’s that time of year again when my neighbours to the south goContinue reading “NCAA March Madness; Americans do hoopla well”