Montreal to get a ring – sadly not a Stanley Cup ring

With the recent passing of the legendary Montreal Canadiens’ star player Guy Lafleur much has been said and written about the state of our dearly loved and storied NHL franchise. Both sadly and ironically, during the same week that Lafleur passed away, the current on-ice edition of the Canadiens ‘clinched’ last place overall in theContinue reading “Montreal to get a ring – sadly not a Stanley Cup ring”

Bruins, Leafs and Scorpions

It’s NHL playoff time. Much like The Masters and the Kentucky Derby the playoffs are a true sports-themed harbinger of spring. The weather is getting more pleasant, the snow has just about all melted under the warm sun. Bars and restaurants open their terraces and make sure that there are adequate big-screen televisions to accommodateContinue reading “Bruins, Leafs and Scorpions”

Once Mighty Montreal Canadiens Now Just One of Thirty-One

If you are a sports fan in North America this is a very busy time of year. The baseball races are coming down to the wire. The NFL, CFL and college football are well underway. Hockey has begun preseason games and basketball is just around the corner. Phew! In Montreal, the focus is primarily onContinue reading “Once Mighty Montreal Canadiens Now Just One of Thirty-One”

Montreal May 17, 2042

With so much excitement brewing this summer regarding Montreal’s 375th anniversary I thought it might be interesting to gaze into a crystal ball and get an idea of what our fair city may look like twenty-five years from now when, in 2042, we mark our 400th. Below is an article from The Gazette of MayContinue reading “Montreal May 17, 2042”

Montreal Casino Opens New Upscale Restaurant

On Thursday The Montreal Gazette ran an article about the new restaurant at the Casino de Montréal: L’Atelier Montréal de Joël Robuchon. Robuchon is a much decorated and world-renowned chef, including 28 Michelin stars. Evidently the gastronomic scene in Canada is about to be stood on its head. Will it be able to keep up?Continue reading “Montreal Casino Opens New Upscale Restaurant”

A Baseball Fight With a Real Punch Thrown; it Even Landed

Last Sunday the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers rekindled their tetchy past with a good old-fashioned Donnybrook. Well, as good as baseball fights get. At least in this dugout-clearing brawl there was one real punch thrown. Unlike hockey scraps, baseball fights tend to involve lots of players grabbing and holding, pushing and shoving, hootingContinue reading “A Baseball Fight With a Real Punch Thrown; it Even Landed”

Are the Toronto Blue Jays Canada’s Team?

The only thing better than September baseball is October baseball. If you have been following Major League Baseball you know that the Toronto Blue Jays hold a slim lead over the New York Yankees as we enter the homestretch.  Whether they win their division or a wild card spot, the chances of them making theContinue reading “Are the Toronto Blue Jays Canada’s Team?”

MLB Must Act Now To Protect Fans

During a recent Red Sox game at Fenway Park a woman, sitting in the expensive seats along the third base line, was struck by the business end of a broken bat. At this time she remains hospitalized in a ‘life-threatening’ condition. While I understand that being close to the action is a considerable draw forContinue reading “MLB Must Act Now To Protect Fans”

Dear Ottawa Senators Fans

A condensed version of this letter appears in today’s Ottawa Citizen Dear Ottawa Senators Fans, Let me begin by congratulating you on your team’s advancement to the playoffs. It was a hard fought battle right to the end, and you can certainly be proud of the way your guys turned it on down the stretch.Continue reading “Dear Ottawa Senators Fans”

Boston’s Never-ending Festival of Snow

If I turn on my TV and there are not a bunch of CNN reporters up to their arses in Boston snow I figure something is wrong. Boston is one of my favorite places, but what ever have you done to deserve this incredibly snowy fate? If I turn on my TV and there areContinue reading “Boston’s Never-ending Festival of Snow”