Canadian Election Turns Uglier

It’s the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. A time to gather with family, eat and drink too much, and give thanks for all the good things we have. And I think most of us can scrape up at least a few positives in our lives to muse on.  Dirty politics are nothing new, even in Canada, butContinue reading “Canadian Election Turns Uglier”

Will Canada Have Its Own Donald Trump?

There can be no denying the effect of US culture on Canada. Most things trendy manage to find their way north across the border. I don’t just mean the great music and films that can be seen here, but the concept of taking a successful project and duplicating it. If a show with rabid gerbilsContinue reading “Will Canada Have Its Own Donald Trump?”

My Meeting With Pierre Elliott Trudeau

This week Canadian Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau will be soon in as the country’s twenty-third Prime Minister. Since his Liberal Party of Canada’s majority election victory much has been said and written about what to expect from Trudeau. I am pleased that for the most part the attention has been focussed on Justin, and notContinue reading “My Meeting With Pierre Elliott Trudeau”

Canadian Election Result: Trudeaumania Redux?

If you live in the northern part of the continental United States, or southern Alaska, anywhere near Canada really, you may have heard a loud rumble on Monday evening. Perhaps you even felt a bit of a shimmy or shake. Not to worry, no earthquakes of any substantial magnitude were recorded at that time, norContinue reading “Canadian Election Result: Trudeaumania Redux?”

New York Times calls out Canadian Prime Minister Harper on silencing scientists

Ouch! Saturday’s New York Times carried a scathing editorial regarding the Canadian government’s and, in particular, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s attempts to silence scientists. In no uncertain terms the editorial called out Harper on his penchant for making it hard for scientists to communicate information that may not be to his government’s benefit. “Over the last fewContinue reading “New York Times calls out Canadian Prime Minister Harper on silencing scientists”

Stephen Harper should commit Sociology to find root cause for his slip in polls

It’s not just that I majored in Sociology at McGill that I find Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s  recent comment annoying. Harper said, in reference to a comment made by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau about the Boston Marathon bombing, that now is not the time to “commit sociology”. Trudeau, after expressing outrage at the bombings and passing alongContinue reading “Stephen Harper should commit Sociology to find root cause for his slip in polls”

Trudeau takes highroad, Maduro talks to birds; voting results on Sunday

The results of two votes will be made public on Sunday: the Liberal Party of Canada will release the outcome of its leadership vote that has been taking place all week online, while in Venezuela the election to replace the late Hugo Chávez as president will be held. The only thing these two events have in common,Continue reading “Trudeau takes highroad, Maduro talks to birds; voting results on Sunday”

Royal Bank of Canada outsourcing fiasco or iGate-gate

Well what a surprise, a bank trying to make yet more money even if that means outsourcing  jobs. But what’s worse, is they want the soon to be former employees to stick around and train their replacements. Classy move! According to CBC, the Royal Bank of Canada’s annual profit in 2012 was a record-setting $7.5Continue reading “Royal Bank of Canada outsourcing fiasco or iGate-gate”

Deborah Coyne plays the “Trudeau Card” in leadership race

The Canadian government is pulling the penny from circulation, and is considering doing the same with the nickel. One Coyne that should be pulled is Deborah. She is the mother of Pierre Trudeau’s daughter Sarah, born when she was in her thirties and Trudeau,  no longer in public office and divorced, was in his late sixties.Continue reading “Deborah Coyne plays the “Trudeau Card” in leadership race”