Ancestry: What’s in a Name?

I met some people recently who may, or may not, be distantly related to me. I base this on the fact that we share a name – well, sort of. Their last name is my first name. But it goes deeper. Their last name is my first name. But it goes deeper. My first name,Continue reading “Ancestry: What’s in a Name?”

My Grandmother Madge, St Patrick’s Day, and Colcannon

I often think of my maternal grandmother, Madge, particularly around this time of year. She was born in London, England within a few years of her parents emigrating from Dublin, Ireland. As such, on ‘paper’ she was 100% English, yet she never forgot that the blood that coursed through her veins was pure Irish. InContinue reading “My Grandmother Madge, St Patrick’s Day, and Colcannon”

Time to give tourists a break

There are those who would have you believe that the whole pandemic is actually a means for certain nefarious world powers, elected officials, and large corporations to reset how we live. These conspiracy theories usually revolve around the notion of governmental control. Anti-vaxxers lead the charge. Don’t tell me what to do. Well, if thereContinue reading “Time to give tourists a break”

Genealogy and Serendipity

I started taking an interest in genealogy about ten years ago. I’ve always been a firm believer in the notion that what makes us what we are today is determined not only our life experiences, but by traits and characteristics of our decedents. You often find families that have generations of musicians, or athletes, orContinue reading “Genealogy and Serendipity”

Montreal’s Griffintown

Once again my wife and I ventured out from our COVID-19 confinement – rest assured we remained in our large hamster ball, wore masks, and maintained proper social distancing. We decided to stroll – or roll – through the part of Montreal known as Griffintown. Griffintown (once known affectionately by residents as The Griff) wasContinue reading “Montreal’s Griffintown”

Leprechauns, Gordian Knots, And Earbud Wires

I’m not one for things paranormal. The current spate of television programs featuring all kinds of ‘scientific’  devices to draw out suspected spirits leaves me, well, cold. Peoples’ take on the concept of “paranormal activity” varies; some are absolutely convinced there is no such thing, while others believe fully in the communication with those whoContinue reading “Leprechauns, Gordian Knots, And Earbud Wires”

Dublin: History You Can Touch

My wife and I recently took a trip to Ireland. There are so many aspects of this wonderful country that strike the visitor. But perhaps chief among them is the history, both ancient and modern, in which Ireland is steeped. … and you thought Jesus Christ was the only one who rose on Easter One-hundredContinue reading “Dublin: History You Can Touch”

COVID-19 and St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

My maternal grandmother, and all of her siblings, was born in London, England. Her parents were Irish and, once married evidently made the decision to move across the way to England to seek a better life. So while my grandmother was English on paper her blood was 100% Irish. I suspect had the DNA testingContinue reading “COVID-19 and St. Patrick’s Day Dinner”

Airlines’ Preferred Seating Scam

  I am not an experienced traveler. For various circumstances, I did very little traveling for many years. Things have now changed and my wife and I are venturing out into the broader world. We have just returned from a week in Ireland; my wife’s 60th birthday present to me. Over the next little while,Continue reading “Airlines’ Preferred Seating Scam”

Is It Safe To Come Out Now?

Is it safe now? Can I come out from under the bed and get back to doing my usual things? Can I stop playing invisible?Is the mayhem that is St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Montreal finally over? It’s been a few days, but I want to be certain. There are two days a year thatContinue reading “Is It Safe To Come Out Now?”