Bruce Jender:Transgendering or Rebranding

The big media event of the past few days was Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer. Frankly what Jenner opts to do with his life, let alone his gender – will he change his name to Bruce Jender? –  is really none of my business. But as he seems intent on thrusting it in people’sContinue reading “Bruce Jender:Transgendering or Rebranding”

Interview with Twitter’s #

Here is my interview with perhaps the most important driving force at Twitter; the Hashtag. DCM:  Thanks for taking a few moments from your busy day to talk to me Hashtag. I know you are busy because you are the only thing that is always trending on Twitter, albeit in conjunction with something else. #:        Continue reading “Interview with Twitter’s #”

Terry Fox Run: Montreal Fundraiser Carl Andersen Set To Pass 100,000 Running Miles

If all goes according to plan, on September 14th long-time Montreal ultra-runner Carl Andersen will, like thousands of others across Canada, run 10 kilometres in the annual Terry Fox fundraising event. What makes Carl stand out among these runners isn’t just that he’s 78 years old, but that at about the six kilometre point inContinue reading “Terry Fox Run: Montreal Fundraiser Carl Andersen Set To Pass 100,000 Running Miles”

Trunks packed, Toronto elephants head to California

With trunks packed and Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk on the CD player – Al Hirt and Doc Severinsen to follow, lovers of trumpeting that these beasts are, the three are making their way to the west coast. After a few setbacks the Toronto elephants are off to sunny California. With trunks packed and Fleetwood Mac’s TuskContinue reading “Trunks packed, Toronto elephants head to California”

Rolling Stone; summer magazine experience

As I thought would be the case when I wrote  this blog post, the recent controversial cover of Rolling Stone featuring a photograph of Boston Marathon Bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover resulted in a 20% increase in sales. Despite the fact some very big retail chains refused to sell the August edition of theContinue reading “Rolling Stone; summer magazine experience”

Sir Paul McCartney dances with who brung him!

Last night the CBC ran an interview with Sir Paul McCartney, Rendezvous with Paul McCartney, that  included not only a sit-down chat with Genevieve Borne, but also some video of his backstage pre-performance rituals. I’ve seen several interviews over the years with Sir Paul and often found him to be just a wee bit full of himself.Continue reading “Sir Paul McCartney dances with who brung him!”

All-Star Break State-Of-The-Game Interview With Abner Doubleday

You can find my interview with baseball inventor Abner Doubleday on Baseball Hot Corner. With the All-Star break upon us, and the Major League Baseball season at mid-point, I thought it might be interesting to speak with the man who is at the heart of not only every team, but every baseball game played, someoneContinue reading “All-Star Break State-Of-The-Game Interview With Abner Doubleday”

Brood II Cicadas in the news and on the move; non-Brood II Cicadas feel slighted

Yesterday the temperature on the dashboard thermometer in my car here in Montreal hit 31 degrees Celsius (about 87 Fahrenheit); evidently we have skipped spring and jumped right to mid-summer. There was even a hint of humidity in the air, and we all know what that means! Yes indeed it’s Cicada time. Those little buzzing insects who sit inContinue reading “Brood II Cicadas in the news and on the move; non-Brood II Cicadas feel slighted”

A blind man running won’t notice

I know all the letters, and many – but certainly not all – of the words, and I even have a layman’s knowledge of many of the numbers. So, as the walrus said to the carpenter, the time has come, to satisfy those who have told me over the years: “You should write.” As forContinue reading “A blind man running won’t notice”

An interview with Montreal artist Robert Kramberger

Robert Kramberger is a man comfortable in both the corporate and artistic worlds. Born and raised in Montreal, Robert has had a passion for making art – and writing – from a very early age. What started out as simply sketching, making doodles and writing obscure poems and short stories in his school notebooks (muchContinue reading “An interview with Montreal artist Robert Kramberger”