Getting Attitude From A Google Mini

A few weeks ago I wrote about the occasional hijacking of my Google Mini by television adverts. We managed to have a lovely Christmas season without any more advertisers’ hijinks. But if ever I had wondered about what some people claim regarding the arepa’s (as she has come to be known, given her shape) abilityContinue reading “Getting Attitude From A Google Mini”

Think I’ll Be An Influencer

Taking advantage of round two of COVID-19 isolation, I’ve been doing some thinking (not always a good idea, in all honesty). Not only have I been thinking, but I’ve decided to seriously consider making a career change. Yes indeed, at the ripe old age of sixty-one I have decided to become an Influencer. It hitContinue reading “Think I’ll Be An Influencer”

Third Parties Just Aren’t What They Used To Be

In the very early days of the COVID-19 pandemic my wife and I, like millions of others, went in search of hand sanitizer and latex gloves. Given the great demand, there were none to be found anywhere.  … we understood it would take a bit longer to receive our goods under the current circumstances. ThatContinue reading “Third Parties Just Aren’t What They Used To Be”

Periscope Study

When my wife and I got married a couple of summers ago, though many family members were able to get to Montreal for the wedding, several were unable to attend. We looked into the possibility of providing a live online stream of the event so those in far-off places could watch if not be present.Continue reading “Periscope Study”

Twitter Suspends Racist Account

The folks over at Twitter have taken action by suspending the account of Britain First, a far-right neo-nazi group. While many are praising Twitter for taking steps to block this sort of trash, others are questioning the mega-site’s role in freedom of expression. I have to admit that no matter how egregious I find thisContinue reading “Twitter Suspends Racist Account”

#TBT Canada Needs to Adjust Groundhog Day Parameters

Early reports indicate that Punxsutawney Phil, having seen his shadow and darted back inside his hole, is predicting a long winter. Meanwhile in Canada all eyes are on Wiarton Willie to see what he thinks of the chances of an early spring. The rule of hog – dare I say the ground rule – is thatContinue reading “#TBT Canada Needs to Adjust Groundhog Day Parameters”

France Gives Workers Right To Disconnect; But Will They Be Able To?

As of January 1st, workers in France have the “right to disconnect”. This means they can ignore after hours emails According to the BBC, “companies with more than 50 workers will be obliged to draw up a charter of good conduct, setting out the hours when staff are not supposed to send or answer emails”.Continue reading “France Gives Workers Right To Disconnect; But Will They Be Able To?”

Browser Oddity

Our computer woes are lessening, but not yet alleviated. Having purchased an HDMI cable from a local dollar store for the princely sum of three bucks, significantly less than the $29 and up charged at electronics stores, our laptop is now connected to our television. Not ideal, but a sufficient stopgap. Is this an attemptContinue reading “Browser Oddity”

Keep Your Eyes On The Road; Surf The Internet At Home

There can be no question about the rapid advance of technology. And nowhere is it more evident than in automobiles. Wonderful safety features are now available including blind spot monitoring, rear view cameras, lane departure warning systems, and even a car that will stop itself should it sense an imminent collision. Once upon a timeContinue reading “Keep Your Eyes On The Road; Surf The Internet At Home”

Facebook Real Name Update

Here’s the latest on my Facebook real name issue. After providing them with a scan of my Quebec driver’s license, they sent me the following email indicating it is not acceptable. Yet they clearly indicate drivers’ licenses are one of the I.D.s they prefer. Go figure!! DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a MontrealContinue reading “Facebook Real Name Update”