Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text – Viagra advertisement

The Weekly Writing Challenge offered the theme of Image vs. Text this week. This brought advertising to my mind. The concept of what is called direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs differs greatly in Canada when compared to the United States. In the US these ads provide details on what the drug treats and then goContinue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: Image vs. Text – Viagra advertisement”

Sandy could be October Surprise

In American political jargon, an October surprise is a news event with the potential to influence the outcome of an election, particularly one for the U.S. presidency. The reference to the month of October is because the date for national elections (as well as many state and local elections) occurs between November 2 and 8,Continue reading “Sandy could be October Surprise”

All calm – perhaps a bit eerie – in Montreal after Superstorm Sandy

Montreal seems to have been spared the wrath of Superstorm Sandy. A few twigs down and not too much else, just an eerie after-storm feeling. Good luck to those who didn’t escape unharmed. J6SXTFTFZPC8

No havering about Scottish referendum question; North East still hunkering down for Sandy

The question of Scottish independence will be addressed in a referendum to be held in 2014 – and the “question” is being debated currently. Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, has stated in the Scottish Parliament that the preferred question would be “Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?” The wording wasContinue reading “No havering about Scottish referendum question; North East still hunkering down for Sandy”

CNN bans use of “Frankenstorm” as Hurricane Sandy set to make history

In an attempt to avoid appearing trivial and downplaying the severity of Hurricane Sandy CNN has banned the word Frankenstorm from its descriptions of the storm. I wrote on Friday that there is nothing childish about the potential danger Hurricane Sandy could wreak even if the Frankenstorm moniker makes it sound like a breakfast cereal.Continue reading “CNN bans use of “Frankenstorm” as Hurricane Sandy set to make history”