Protests for beginners

Back in the sixties protests were all the rage. I was but a child, so I missed the opportunity to participate in these protests. Anti-racism, anti-Vietnam war, anti-pollution, anti-capitalism; all sorts of angst was expressed in the streets of cities around the world. Were these peaceful gatherings successful? If the goal was to bring problemsContinue reading “Protests for beginners”

An Ode to Bussers and Dishwashers

If you know me or have read this blog over the years, you will no doubt be aware of my fondness for bars. Not only bars but those who tend them. My appreciation of bartenders, true artists, negates my ever trying to have a go at mixology. I’m doing just fine on this side ofContinue reading “An Ode to Bussers and Dishwashers”

Please Shelve Bread Crumbs With the Bread

While the universe is wrapped up in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I believe the time has come to tackle a more pressing issue; grocery store product placement.  In our busy world grocery shopping has become merely a weekly replenishing of basic necessities rather than the more sociable daily visits to butchers and bakers onceContinue reading “Please Shelve Bread Crumbs With the Bread”

Montreal to get a ring – sadly not a Stanley Cup ring

With the recent passing of the legendary Montreal Canadiens’ star player Guy Lafleur much has been said and written about the state of our dearly loved and storied NHL franchise. Both sadly and ironically, during the same week that Lafleur passed away, the current on-ice edition of the Canadiens ‘clinched’ last place overall in theContinue reading “Montreal to get a ring – sadly not a Stanley Cup ring”

So, must we start every sentence with so?

I’m a bit of a newshound. I like to have an ear to the ground as it were. Working from home I have the radio on in the background and the TV, with the audio muted, showing CNN, BBC, or Sky News. As I listen to audio reports on a wide range of topics, fromContinue reading “So, must we start every sentence with so?”

Forced Audience Participation and the Cheapening of Stand-Up Comedy

It’s being called the ‘slap seen around the world’. The incident is, of course, the recent fracas at the 2022 Academy Awards featuring Will Smith marching up on stage and slapping Chris Rock after the latter made a joke that offended both Smith and his wife. Not surprisingly, considering Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife, wasContinue reading “Forced Audience Participation and the Cheapening of Stand-Up Comedy”

A Pandemic, the Threat of World War, now Parachuting Spiders – Sweet Jesus, What Next

Okay. Uncle. I give. Enough already.  Maybe it’s the toll of the pandemic that is talking, but I’m throwing in the towel. As if the world hasn’t suffered enough over the past couple of years, the latest niblet of horror to befall us is nothing short of diabolic. First, we had the COVID19 pandemic withContinue reading “A Pandemic, the Threat of World War, now Parachuting Spiders – Sweet Jesus, What Next”

A Leprechroon’s Irish Superstitions

My maternal Great-grandparents were both born in Dublin, Ireland around 1857. My Great-grandfather Matthew moved to London, established himself, and returned to Dublin to marry his sweetheart my Great-grandmother. As was the case with many Irish at the time, not long after they married in the 1880s they emigrated to England and started their family,Continue reading “A Leprechroon’s Irish Superstitions”

My Grandmother Madge, St Patrick’s Day, and Colcannon

I often think of my maternal grandmother, Madge, particularly around this time of year. She was born in London, England within a few years of her parents emigrating from Dublin, Ireland. As such, on ‘paper’ she was 100% English, yet she never forgot that the blood that coursed through her veins was pure Irish. InContinue reading “My Grandmother Madge, St Patrick’s Day, and Colcannon”

Dr. Hook: Sylvia’s Mother was a Bitch

In 1972 Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show made it to Billboard’s #5 with their song Sylvia’s Mother. The song was a hit in many countries including Australia and Ireland. To this day the song regularly pops up on oldies stations, no doubt ensuring the band members “keep gettin’ richer”. The song is about aContinue reading “Dr. Hook: Sylvia’s Mother was a Bitch”