Ancestry: What’s in a Name?

I met some people recently who may, or may not, be distantly related to me. I base this on the fact that we share a name – well, sort of. Their last name is my first name. But it goes deeper. Their last name is my first name. But it goes deeper. My first name,Continue reading “Ancestry: What’s in a Name?”

King Snarls Proclaimed

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away less than a week ago at the age of 96. As is the tradition, the moment her heart stopped beating, her eldest son, Charles, Prince of Wales, became king. Formal coronation will follow at a later date, once the extensive period of mourning has been completed. Regardless, CharlesContinue reading “King Snarls Proclaimed”

Benefits of Underage Drinking

I recently wrote about the fiftieth anniversary of the terrible Montreal tragedy that has come to be known as the Blue Bird Cafe fire although most of the 37 victims were patrons of the bar upstairs from the Blue Bird called the Wagon Wheel. The dominant signage on the building, a large neon affair, shoneContinue reading “Benefits of Underage Drinking”

The ‘School Before Labour Day’ Hex

Happy Labour Day! Once the true indicator of the end of summer as families returned from cottages and preparations for school hit high gear. These days schools have already been open for at least a week, even if the weather maintains its summer characteristics. In all my years of education, from first grade, through highContinue reading “The ‘School Before Labour Day’ Hex”

Bike Watching as a Retirement Hobby

I’ve been doing some serious thinking about my future lately. As a lifelong resident of a street adjacent to a lovely park, as I shift from semi-retired to outright retired, I have been wondering what I can do to maintain whatever degree of lucidity I have managed to retain over the years.  I am aContinue reading “Bike Watching as a Retirement Hobby”

Time Travel and Walking to New York City

Fats Domino became famous for Walking to New Orleans. A quick scan of the lyrics confirms that his goal was to trek to the Big Easy. It’s not like he went for a stroll and just ended up in Nola, is it? One beautiful day last week in Montreal, with the sun shining but theContinue reading “Time Travel and Walking to New York City”

Costa Rican road safety

As I recently wrote in part one of this lengthy post, I have just returned from my third trip to Costa Rica. Of the many impressions of this beautiful country that have stayed with me, perhaps the most deeply entrenched, is the notion of transportation, primarily driving. Many people who travel to Britain from justContinue reading “Costa Rican road safety”

When It Comes To Concert Nudity Millennials Lag Far Behind Hippies

Warning: This Post Contains Non-Millennial Nudity One often hears that millennials, those folks born around the turn of the millennium and in their late teens and twenties now, are more open to some of the things that we older people wrestle to grasp. Gender used to be a zero-sum game: male or female. Now it’s aContinue reading “When It Comes To Concert Nudity Millennials Lag Far Behind Hippies”

The idiocy of audio sports highlights

There is an expression often used by sports commentators when an athlete does something outstanding; they say ‘that will make the highlight reel’. You can see just how old that adage is by the use of the word reel, referring to the time when teams put out end-of-season films featuring the best plays of theContinue reading “The idiocy of audio sports highlights”

A Gringo in Costa Rica Part 1

Having just returned from my third visit to Costa Rica, I am even more impressed with this great nation and its people. The reason for my repeated visits is not just the wonderful country, but to visit my in-laws. One of my wife’s sisters married a Tico (the term used proudly by Costa Ricans toContinue reading “A Gringo in Costa Rica Part 1”