Replays Not Penalty Kicks

In the interest of clarity , let me point out that the following post is about football. Not the game we call football here in North America, but the Beautiful Game we refer to as soccer. Last weekend Italy won the Euro Cup by defeating England. I can’t say I’m a big football fan, butContinue reading “Replays Not Penalty Kicks”

Essentially, Essential Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, rumour has it that the Premiere of Quebec will, at a five o’clock news conference today, announce a severe new lockdown for the province. The kicker: it is also rumoured that this new lockdown will include a curfew. The plan seems to be that from 8:00Continue reading “Essentially, Essential Is In The Eye Of The Beholder”

Taking Advantage of the Pandemic

The current pandemic has opened doors to all kinds of people, giving them an opportunity to promote their theories. Including Montreal’s mayor using it to fast-track her desire to pedestrianise a main downtown street. But that’s just politics. Then there are the anti-vaxers, those folks who refuse to even think about having themselves or theirContinue reading “Taking Advantage of the Pandemic”

COVID-19: Lessons Hopefully Learned

We are now into the sixth month of the pandemic. As the usual ‘back to normal’ period approaches at the end of August I wonder just how normal it will be. But aside from the many significant changes to our lifestyle wrought by COVID-19, there are some lessons that we can take away. Hospital EmergencyContinue reading “COVID-19: Lessons Hopefully Learned”

COVID-19 Forces Baseball To Make Changes – Some Good, Some Not

When it comes to sports, from a spectator’s view, I guess I’m a bit of a purist. I have never appreciated the Designated Hitter rule in baseball. Nor have I, as many, perhaps most, fans have, embraced the NHL system of breaking ties. But as a means of deciding a game, it seems to reduceContinue reading “COVID-19 Forces Baseball To Make Changes – Some Good, Some Not”

COVID-19: Shaq and the NHL

I’m not much of a basketball fan. I played it as a kid but can’t say I follow the professionals. However, some athletes transcend their sport and Shaquille O’Neal is certainly one of those. “I think we should scrap the season. Everybody go home, get healthy, come back next year” In a recent interview, ShaqContinue reading “COVID-19: Shaq and the NHL”

MLB Should Rethink Intentional Walks and Pitching Changes

The Major League Baseball season is well underway, even as both NBA and NHL seasons come to dramatic ends. Soon all sports focus, with the exception of some soccer fans, will be on the boys of summer. The trend over the past few years has been to alter the game such that it moves alongContinue reading “MLB Should Rethink Intentional Walks and Pitching Changes”

Bruins, Leafs and Scorpions

It’s NHL playoff time. Much like The Masters and the Kentucky Derby the playoffs are a true sports-themed harbinger of spring. The weather is getting more pleasant, the snow has just about all melted under the warm sun. Bars and restaurants open their terraces and make sure that there are adequate big-screen televisions to accommodateContinue reading “Bruins, Leafs and Scorpions”

Once Mighty Montreal Canadiens Now Just One of Thirty-One

If you are a sports fan in North America this is a very busy time of year. The baseball races are coming down to the wire. The NFL, CFL and college football are well underway. Hockey has begun preseason games and basketball is just around the corner. Phew! In Montreal, the focus is primarily onContinue reading “Once Mighty Montreal Canadiens Now Just One of Thirty-One”

Sports Look Faster In Person – Usually

I am a fan of sports. But not being a fan of crowds I tend to limit myself to television coverage. Recently we were given a pair of “Prestige Passes” to attend the Rogers Cup ATP event in Montreal. Settling in I was pleased that there were several empty seats to my right, affording me plentyContinue reading “Sports Look Faster In Person – Usually”