Surviving In A COVID Red Zone: Montreal’s Wheel Club

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with my fondness for bars. During this time of COVID-19 bars in Montreal are closed. Not open with limited seating and social-distancing. But closed completely. In a business that can be brutally competitive at the best of times, this forced loss of revenue will have dire consequencesContinue reading “Surviving In A COVID Red Zone: Montreal’s Wheel Club”

Donation Difficulties

I currently find myself with a number of pieces of furniture and several boxes of perfectly usable kitchenware that I would like to donate to charity. There are no antiques, no heirlooms, just decent bits and bobs that someone could certainly use. All I needed was an organization to come by and pick up theContinue reading “Donation Difficulties”

PTSD Push-Up Challenge

My good friend Chris Klink is undertaking a Facebook challenge to raise awareness of the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on emergency workers and veterans. According to Chris, in the United States, 22 veterans and first responders die from suicide due to PTSD every single day. In an effort to bring this staggering statisticContinue reading “PTSD Push-Up Challenge”

Hey Canadian Tire, ‘Wanna’ Is Not a Word!

Canadian Tire is a big company that makes a point of giving back. They sponsor a variety of community events and causes. But evidently grammar is not their forte. Currently the company is running a campaign to get kids out into the fresh air, away from computers and video games for a little fun. GreatContinue reading “Hey Canadian Tire, ‘Wanna’ Is Not a Word!”

Fundraiser for Victim of Montreal Train Accident

In early December Sarah Stott went out one night with some friends. As she was returning home she decided to take a short-cut through a train yard. Perhaps it was because she was using the detour for the first time, but she didn’t see nor hear the freight train that hit her. The details ofContinue reading “Fundraiser for Victim of Montreal Train Accident”

‘CBC Your News’ Rejects Terry Fox Fundraiser’s Story for ‘Unknown Reasons’

Writers get rejections all the time – or so I’m told, I of course have never tasted the bitter sting …sorry, got carried away there. But this one has me flummoxed. Recently I blogged about a man who has been raising money for various causes by running. His name is Carl Andersen and he isContinue reading “‘CBC Your News’ Rejects Terry Fox Fundraiser’s Story for ‘Unknown Reasons’”

Terry Fox Run: Montreal Fundraiser Carl Andersen Set To Pass 100,000 Running Miles

If all goes according to plan, on September 14th long-time Montreal ultra-runner Carl Andersen will, like thousands of others across Canada, run 10 kilometres in the annual Terry Fox fundraising event. What makes Carl stand out among these runners isn’t just that he’s 78 years old, but that at about the six kilometre point inContinue reading “Terry Fox Run: Montreal Fundraiser Carl Andersen Set To Pass 100,000 Running Miles”

Labour Day Event: Digby, Nova Scotia Rally Short on Stevedore Rodents!

For the tenth consecutive year the town of Digby, Nova Scotia has hosted its Labour Day Wharf Rat Rally. The event features motorcyclists from far and wide descending upon the small town in droves –  some estimates put the number at 25,000.  If you were looking for an event into which you could enter yourContinue reading “Labour Day Event: Digby, Nova Scotia Rally Short on Stevedore Rodents!”

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Montreal Bloggers

Here’s my ALS challenge to Montreal-based bloggers, including What’, Coolopolis and Fagstein! DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, some Peaks and an occasionalContinue reading “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Montreal Bloggers”