What happened to sardines?

The ongoing, but hopefully soon ending, COVID19 pandemic has played havoc with all sorts of day-to-day lives. From the wearing of masks to the getting of vaccines – and the foolish but not unexpected debates arising from these public health issues – virtually everyone’s life has been touched in some way. Sadly some more direlyContinue reading “What happened to sardines?”

Navigating Downtown Montreal’s Pedestrian Maze

Last week I went downtown shopping for a gift for my wife’s birthday. As is my usual practice I had looked online first, found what I was looking for, determined that my local store had the product in stock, and made my way to the store to get it, pay for it, and get theContinue reading “Navigating Downtown Montreal’s Pedestrian Maze”

Designate Downtown Montreal A Region And Reopen Businesses

The Province of Quebec has been under strict anti-coronavirus regulations for several weeks now. These measures include a province-wide curfew. From 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. we are not allowed out. Unless you have a very good reason – and proof thereof – you are facing fines of up to $6000 should you break theContinue reading “Designate Downtown Montreal A Region And Reopen Businesses”

I Have The Taste Buds Of A Four Year-Old

The legendary Groucho Marx left us with an inexhaustible library of wonderful quotations. One of my favourites is “You’ve got the brain of a four-year-old boy, and I bet he was glad to get rid of it”. “You’ve got the brain of a four year-old boy; and I bet he was glad to get ridContinue reading “I Have The Taste Buds Of A Four Year-Old”

I Have High Flavour

I love words. I wish I knew more of them; I envy people who have the ability to pick up second and even third languages with ease. I always figured you couldn’t go on to another thing until you have mastered the first. This goes a long way to explaining why I am a lessContinue reading “I Have High Flavour”

Killing Montreal Restaurants

Montreal is blessed with many great restaurants. But things have been tough on them over the last decade or so. Aside from the current COVID-19 shutdown, extended street closures for needed infrastructure repairs have spelled the end of many long-time eateries. The Star of India is an establishment that I have visited countless times overContinue reading “Killing Montreal Restaurants”

Should Montrealers Boycott Restaurants Acting Like Bars?

On Monday, June 22, after months of inactivity due to COVID-19, many Montreal restaurants will be reopening. Of course, they will do so under strict conditions regarding social distancing. But some customers are better than no customers. If you do not have a kitchen, and therefore only have a permit to sell alcohol, you areContinue reading “Should Montrealers Boycott Restaurants Acting Like Bars?”

Dear PizzaPizza: Did You Lose My Store?

Dear PizzaPizza, Let me first state that I am a lover of pizza. Nothing exotic for me thanks, no pineapple or ham if you please, but a standard pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers, or as we call it in Montreal ‘all dressed’ suits me just fine. On numerous occasions, usually a Friday, I have placedContinue reading “Dear PizzaPizza: Did You Lose My Store?”

There’s got to be something Anthony Bourdain does not like

I enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain on CNN. His travel/food show is well done and he is a fine host. His sense of humour is subtle and witty, and his appreciation of fine food is second to none. He is the opposite of Mikey in the old Life cereal advertisement who does not like anything (except ofContinue reading “There’s got to be something Anthony Bourdain does not like”

Montreal Restaurants Face 42 Month Construction Nightmare

The city of Montreal has, as of February 16, received more snow than all of last year. A big chunk of that fell over the last week or so. Montreal has always prided itself on our world-leading snow removal efforts. Our skills at speedily clearing and hauling away snow have brought officials from other citiesContinue reading “Montreal Restaurants Face 42 Month Construction Nightmare”