Genealogy and Serendipity

I started taking an interest in genealogy about ten years ago. I’ve always been a firm believer in the notion that what makes us what we are today is determined not only our life experiences, but by traits and characteristics of our decedents. You often find families that have generations of musicians, or athletes, orContinue reading “Genealogy and Serendipity”

Not That I’m A Lush … Really

Not that I’m a lush, but I’d be a liar if I tried to deny that I like bars. Not just the establishments known as bars, pubs, bistros, or watering holes, but the actual physical bar itself. I find it very relaxing to sit on a comfortable barstool – with back if you please –Continue reading “Not That I’m A Lush … Really”

Leprechauns, Gordian Knots, And Earbud Wires

I’m not one for things paranormal. The current spate of television programs featuring all kinds of ‘scientific’  devices to draw out suspected spirits leaves me, well, cold. Peoples’ take on the concept of “paranormal activity” varies; some are absolutely convinced there is no such thing, while others believe fully in the communication with those whoContinue reading “Leprechauns, Gordian Knots, And Earbud Wires”

Dublin: History You Can Touch

My wife and I recently took a trip to Ireland. There are so many aspects of this wonderful country that strike the visitor. But perhaps chief among them is the history, both ancient and modern, in which Ireland is steeped. … and you thought Jesus Christ was the only one who rose on Easter One-hundredContinue reading “Dublin: History You Can Touch”