Road Configurations Then And Now

It’s a popular topic on local radio talk shows, especially as this is an election year in Montreal. Of course, I refer to street configurations. Our current mayor, one Valérie Plante, is at best not a fan of cars. At worst she is downright anti-car. Since her election four years ago she has overseen theContinue reading “Road Configurations Then And Now”

Traffic Reporters – Please Don’t Forget Downtown

At this time of a normal year I often feel sorry for radio traffic reporters. During most holiday seasons there is significantly less traffic volume, leading to traffic reporters trying to fill-in the couple of minutes allotted them, four times an hour. Add to these annual year-end doldrums the current pandemic lockdown, and the streetsContinue reading “Traffic Reporters – Please Don’t Forget Downtown”

That Law’s Not For Me

It snowed last night. The first accumulation of snow, not just a few scattered flakes, but not a storm either. Just a nice, if sloppy, welcome back to winter. The temperature has now gone up above freezing, and it is very slushy. But in the wee hours of the morning the snow fell and stayed,Continue reading “That Law’s Not For Me”

What Kind Of Mind Rides A Bike On A Sidewalk?

While not a big fan of Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante’s plans for downtown, I do understand the need to temporarily widen the sidewalks during the COVID-19 pandemic. By dedicating half the existing street surface to pedestrians, physical distancing can easily take place. However, one wonders if a greater health risk than COVID-19 may be theContinue reading “What Kind Of Mind Rides A Bike On A Sidewalk?”

Killing Montreal Restaurants

Montreal is blessed with many great restaurants. But things have been tough on them over the last decade or so. Aside from the current COVID-19 shutdown, extended street closures for needed infrastructure repairs have spelled the end of many long-time eateries. The Star of India is an establishment that I have visited countless times overContinue reading “Killing Montreal Restaurants”

Will COVID-19 Change New Car Sales Procedure?

A recent post on Facebook by a friend of mine got me thinking about another possible long-term effect of the COVID-19 confinement. In her post, she illustrates her frustration with a new car salesman. In a nutshell, having come to the point when all that was left was to sign on the dotted line, theContinue reading “Will COVID-19 Change New Car Sales Procedure?”

Can Physical Distancing And Retail Shopping Coexist?

Let the shopping begin … or resume. Today is the long-awaited day when Montreal stores, those with dedicated entrances from the sidewalk, not those located in malls, can reopen. Back to normal you say. Nope. There is something wrong with governments that implore people to both practice social distancing and take public transit The cityContinue reading “Can Physical Distancing And Retail Shopping Coexist?”

COVID-19, Wine, and Fast Cars

Yesterday in Montreal the sun was out, the wind was down, and it was that day. Every year there is one day, usually a Friday it seems when the first vestiges of spring are fully evident. People flood into the streets of the downtown core on the lunch breaks. Bar and restaurant terraces are packedContinue reading “COVID-19, Wine, and Fast Cars”

When It Comes To Cars Montreal Is More Fresno Than Oslo

Evidently, if a recent article in a local newspaper is accurate, Montreal is in a war (a losing one this far) with cars. Our mayor has shown scorn for car owners by severely reducing the number of parking spots in the downtown core.  Her major reworking of central artery Ste. Catherine Street will see widerContinue reading “When It Comes To Cars Montreal Is More Fresno Than Oslo”

Waving While Driving

While there may well be no shortage of rude drivers out there, there are still some folks who display at least a modicum of civilization. I like to think I am one of those who treat others as I would like to be treated. Isn’t that a golden idea? That way I am in controlContinue reading “Waving While Driving”