Time For Major GOP Funders To Withhold

In the wake of yet another mass killing at yet another US school, the rallying cry has gone out to get elected officials to do something about the ridiculously easy access to high-powered guns in the United States. And as usual, one party, the Democrats, are standing with those shouting for an end, while RepublicansContinue reading “Time For Major GOP Funders To Withhold”

Trump’s Potty Mouth Deters Media From Real Issue

The concept of debating or discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin has a very long history. It goes way back, but no matter how far into its past you delve it still means the same thing. It refers to people wasting time pondering a topic of no real valueContinue reading “Trump’s Potty Mouth Deters Media From Real Issue”

Trump Losing Grip, Soon The Funnel Be Over

Since the bombshell dropped last week, no, not the weather bomb that pounded the northeast with snow and frigid temperatures, but the publication of Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury, many have been questioning President Trump‘s mental state. Is he capable of carrying out the duties of the office? No this is full-fledged ego-fed looney-tunes,Continue reading “Trump Losing Grip, Soon The Funnel Be Over”

Take Back The U.S.A.

A snippet of observation from the safety of my armchair sociologist’s lair. It is not news that in the last US election Hillary Clinton garnered 48.2% of the popular vote to Donald Trump’s 46.1%. A not insignificant difference of 2.1%. However the Electoral College system gave the election to Trump based on the distribution ofContinue reading “Take Back The U.S.A.”

Kung Fu Fraud: Justin Trudeau Visits Donald Trump

That’s not Master Kan … he’s a fraud! DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, some Peaks and an occasional Frean and maybe aContinue reading “Kung Fu Fraud: Justin Trudeau Visits Donald Trump”

Trump Denounces Those Who Kneed; Ignores Those in Need

In the aftermath of the most recent hurricane to hit Puerto Rico President Trump has clearly opted to remain focused on the NFL players, coaches and owners protest. How can a person who claims to be trying to unite the country act so divisively? Although I can understand one thinking it is mere stupidity, IContinue reading “Trump Denounces Those Who Kneed; Ignores Those in Need”

Updated: Donald Trump, Charlottesville and Chubby Checker

In a recent post I mentioned how the video from Charlottesville was a bit grainy you might mistake for something from the sixties. Lately, one line of a Chubby Checker song, also from the sixties, has been stuck in my head. As I watch the news in the US, again and again, this snippet ofContinue reading “Updated: Donald Trump, Charlottesville and Chubby Checker”

Charlottesville: Blood On The President’s Hands

Had the video been poorer in quality, a bit grainy, maybe even black and white, you might have assumed you were watching a history documentary on CNN last Saturday afternoon. Something about civil rights marches in the sixties. But no, the scenes of mayhem in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia were live. It was enoughContinue reading “Charlottesville: Blood On The President’s Hands”

Partner, Pardner and Pardoner

Back when western movies featured hard men and pretty lasses diction was none too important. John Wayne, the Duke himself, has been oft quoted mumbling something along the lines of “C’mon pardner” as he called his buddy to ride off into the sunset. Of course he was actually referring to his pal as his partner.Continue reading “Partner, Pardner and Pardoner”

Symphony of the Absurd at the White House

Symphony: something regarded, typically favourably, as a composition of different elements. The current occupants of the White House have been presenting an almost daily symphony of discord, asininity,  and moronic half-witted actions! DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of thisContinue reading “Symphony of the Absurd at the White House”