Sane Media Wakes Up, Smells Coffee

I have never been fond of the term ‘mainstream media/news’. I prefer to refer to it as the sane media/news. Like Trump’s phrase ‘fake news’, it makes no sense. If it’s fake, it’s not news. The fabrications broadcast on several far-right outlets are not deserving of the ‘news’ classification. If it’s fake, it’s not news.Continue reading “Sane Media Wakes Up, Smells Coffee”

What Part Of Don’t Travel Do You Not Understand?

My next-door neighbour (or neighbor as they prefer), the USA, is a huge country. With a population of some 350 million people, and rising, it is a vast land. It is strong, patriotic, and advanced. Yet it also has one of the highest per-capita rates of COVID-19 in the world. According to Johns Hopkins UniversityContinue reading “What Part Of Don’t Travel Do You Not Understand?”

Lest We Forget: Remember To Remember On Wednesday

There is sure to be a plethora of media noise emanating from my southern neighbours for the next weeks, if not months (years?). Even with the election of Joe Biden, after four long days of painstaking ballot counting, the fireworks are not going to end soon. And once again he has, sadly, opted to beContinue reading “Lest We Forget: Remember To Remember On Wednesday”

Make Votes Count; Hire More Counters

The last polls in the United States have been closed for more than two days. Still no final result. I think I’m on a first name basis with all the CNN folks as they fill time during this neverendum referendum. With the COVID pandemic running amok, many people chose not to stand in line atContinue reading “Make Votes Count; Hire More Counters”

COVID In The White House

Like many, I awoke this morning to the shocking news that United States President Donald Trump, and his wife, had tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus. I’m in no way a big fan of the current president, his policies, his demeanour, what he has done to abase the highest office in the land, are allContinue reading “COVID In The White House”

Grass Roots And Grassroots

The Grass Roots was an American rock band in the late sixties and early seventies. Their biggest, but certainly not their only, hit was Midnight Confessions, a song that still gets played on many oldies stations. On the other hand, the concept of Grassroots politics is significantly different, but no less an integral part ofContinue reading “Grass Roots And Grassroots”

My Neighbour Is Sick

For as long as I can remember we’ve had the same neighbour. We go back years, decades, indeed centuries. We live in what in the real estate world is known as a semi-detached. Which of course means it is also semi-attached; we share one very long partition, I am hesitant to call it a wall, givenContinue reading “My Neighbour Is Sick”

COVID-19: Interview With Virus God

Here we are. Day 752 of COVID-19 self-isolation, or at least it feels that way. I dare say nerves are starting to fray. When the pandemic was first declared, it was easy for governments to act. The keyword was: close. The virus was running rampant and so we were all instructed to stay home. “StayContinue reading “COVID-19: Interview With Virus God”

COVID-19: Radio Provides Best Local Info

Early in 1998 much of the northeast of North America was hit by a huge ice storm. It has come to be known as the Great Ice Storm of 1998. The rain turned to freezing rain and among other effects was the coating of power lines and pylons with a build-up of ice to the pointContinue reading “COVID-19: Radio Provides Best Local Info”