The March on Washington and Social Media; what might have been

Fifty years ago today Dr. Martin Luther King addressed tens of thousands at the March on Washington – as was the case with Don Larsen‘s perfect game several years earlier, I believe many more people today claim to have been in attendance. This event, and in particular his speech – which would become etched in AmericanContinue reading “The March on Washington and Social Media; what might have been”

The sacrilege of going back to school in August

August Blues indeed … “Will I get that marine-wannabe lunatic for phys ed?” “Will Mrs. So-and-so be sober this year?” “Is he back, I thought he had a breakdown?” Back when I was young the new school year started on the Tuesday after Labour Day. “Summer” consisted of those days between the last day ofContinue reading “The sacrilege of going back to school in August”

Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Today’s Daily Prompt is Funny Ha-Ha. I like to use existing photos, but put my own spin on them. Here’s how I saw the problem of a recent sinkhole in downtown Montreal into which a backhoe slipped: I still think the Viagra people could use these images: I also get a kick out of poking fun aContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha”

The Sad Demise of the Screensaver

You can see my guest blog at Life as a Human on the sad demise of the once proud screensaver! Offices full of workstations that have been abandoned during lunchtime or coffee break had enough flashing and flickering movement on the PC screens to bring on a seizure. Among the early favourites were bursting fireworks,Continue reading “The Sad Demise of the Screensaver”

Weird News Saturday: from chemical weapons to stolen autographed pigs

Sometimes it appears as though the world has gone mad. The latest news from Syria regarding the use of chemicals to kill hundreds of innocent people is chilling. The US is on alert and considering military action in the country once proof has been provided by United Nations officials who are in Syria. This seemsContinue reading “Weird News Saturday: from chemical weapons to stolen autographed pigs”

Weekend golf joke

Once upon a time there was a lovely little community. The pride and joy of this community was its beautiful golf club. It had many members from all over the region and they were always very happy with the course and enjoyed their round. For some time the club pro had been sending an invitationContinue reading “Weekend golf joke”

Daily prompt: We live in an accident-free world, but not in a good way

Today’s Daily Prompt calls for posts that a blogger would submit to be featured on the home page of the New York Times. Someone – someone else – must be held accountable for everything Once upon a time there used to be occurrences that were deemed to be accidental; not surprisingly we called them accidents.Continue reading “Daily prompt: We live in an accident-free world, but not in a good way”

Names; appropriate and otherwise – ode to Ronald Lee Homer Jr.

I’ve always been interested in how some names are so very appropriate. For instance here in Montreal from time to time a news story arises about birds and the media, in search of an expert opinion, go to a local ornithologist, who just happens to be Dr. David Bird of McGill University. Didn’t it cross anyoneContinue reading “Names; appropriate and otherwise – ode to Ronald Lee Homer Jr.”

Fraudster who preys on Grandmas on the run in Montreal

There have probably been fraud artists since there was something worth defrauding people of. Even the devil in the Garden of Eden scammed Eve into munching the forbidden apple; although why Adam was dumb enough to go along I’ll never understand. Currently a particularly insidious fraudster is allegedly hiding out here in Montreal. Daniel MarcotteContinue reading “Fraudster who preys on Grandmas on the run in Montreal”