Backpacks Briefcases and Buses

The other day I found myself on a crowded city bus. It was mid-afternoon and many of my fellow commuters were college or university students. At one point the bus became so cramped that the driver had to insist on those carrying/wearing backpacks to remove them. Put them on the floor between your feet. Don’t take upContinue reading “Backpacks Briefcases and Buses”

Glow Worms and Glimmer Twins

Today’s WordPress Daily Prompt is Glimmer.  According to Merriam Webster glimmer means: a : to shine faintly or unsteadily b : to give off a subdued unsteady reflection  But when I think of the word glimmer it brings to mind a musical theme. First, there was that good old glow worm the Mills Brothers sang about in the 1950s:Continue reading “Glow Worms and Glimmer Twins”

Who vs Whom on Campus

On the front page of today’s Montreal Gazette there is an article about yesterday’s protest at McGill University. Concordia and McGill students decried the schools’ administrations lack of action on sexual misconduct accusations. Clearly an issue of great importance. But let me disrupt your thoughts on these allegations for a moment and turn to anotherContinue reading “Who vs Whom on Campus”

Wake For a Pub; Godspeed Irish Embassy

I went to a wake last night. it wasn’t my intention, nor was it a typical wake. A traditional Irish wake takes place before a funeral – in the wake of the death  – and is an opportunity for mourners to reflect on the life of the departed. Once they were held in the homeContinue reading “Wake For a Pub; Godspeed Irish Embassy”

Diabolical Kettle Packaging

Yesterday my electric kettle done up and died, had the biscuit, bought the farm, went for the kippers. It was about ten years old so I really couldn’t get too cranky about it. I performed the appropriate solemn rite over the late kettle and turfed it into the garbage. Sure enough there they were: silverContinue reading “Diabolical Kettle Packaging”

Guns don’t kill people alone, people with guns kill people

As the latest installment in the gun debate rages in the USA following the horrific multiple death shooting in Parkland, Florida I can’t help but be reminded of some of the ludicrous sayings that the pro-gun advocates often spout. When was the last time you were shaken by breaking news that a deranged strangler wasContinue reading “Guns don’t kill people alone, people with guns kill people”

Bil Keane Knew the Present is a Gift

When it comes to the present, Cartoonist Bil Keane of Family Circus fame hit the nail on the head! DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang,Continue reading “Bil Keane Knew the Present is a Gift”

Randall Musgrave is the Latest Face of Abuse Pain

The #metoo movement has a new face. Not that of a former Hollywood starlet who was abused by a man in a position to advance her career. Not the face of an established actress who goes public with her experience. Nor is it the face of a political aide who painfully speaks up about theContinue reading “Randall Musgrave is the Latest Face of Abuse Pain”

How Public Officials Should Handle Mistakes

The excerpt below from the Montreal Gazette illustrates the proper way for public officials to handle making a mistake – admit it, adapt and move on. The city of Montreal, which intended to let the past week’s snowfall melt, has now reversed it’s (sic) decision and will start clearing streets Sunday evening.  The head ofContinue reading “How Public Officials Should Handle Mistakes”

B.B. King: Dee Trill Is Gone

I recall the date: May 14, 2015. That was the day B.B. King passed away at the age of 89. I remember having a discussion about King with an acquaintance of mine, a Montrealer of Bajan origin who has managed to retain his lovely accent. We chatted about the impact King had on so manyContinue reading “B.B. King: Dee Trill Is Gone”