Annoying problem with Bixi

The Bixi bike rental service has taken off not only in Montreal, but in many cities worldwide. For the most part I believe reviews are pretty good – except for one thing – redistribution issues. In the morning Bixis are taken from various locations as people make their way to work, school or appointments inContinue reading “Annoying problem with Bixi”

Montreal needs to enforce a “Don’t Block the Box” law

The last week of August signaling the end of the vacation season is clearly upon us if traffic tie-ups are any indication. As a fairly keen observer of irksome traffic situations as both a pedestrian and a motorist I can’t help but notice that Montreal’s urban traffic woes are very often caused by the sameContinue reading “Montreal needs to enforce a “Don’t Block the Box” law”

Interview with Montreal Ironman triathlete Rory Stubbs

On Saturday, August 10th while many people were enjoying a lazy summer weekend 37 year old Montrealer Rory Stubbs was grinding his way through the New York Ironman Triathlon – his second Ironman event. Unlike the Olympic Triathlon which comprises the same three events but different distances (a swim of 0.93  miles bike 24.8  miles and runContinue reading “Interview with Montreal Ironman triathlete Rory Stubbs”