Live PD, Field Sobriety Tests, David Brenner and ET

From time to time I like to watch the occasional police program on television. I don’t mean works of fiction, but the alleged ‘real’ thing. Shows like The First 48 are what I enjoy, although that has become very repetitive with time. The new kid on the block in the genre is a show calledContinue reading “Live PD, Field Sobriety Tests, David Brenner and ET”

Will Urban Cycling Ever Work?

Recently the Government of Quebec passed new laws aimed at securing cyclists’ safety. I am all in favour of road safety for all, and hope these stricter laws will save lives. But I believe that until such time as cyclists take things seriously there will always be problems.  No one over the age of about eightContinue reading “Will Urban Cycling Ever Work?”

Cyclists Are from Mars, Motorists Are from Venus

It has finally occurred to me why some cyclists and motorists have such a hard time communicating, often leading to dangerous encounters. Like lovers of fine art, who can both look at the very same painting yet see two entirely different things, drivers and cyclists see the exact same intersection differently. So if we areContinue reading “Cyclists Are from Mars, Motorists Are from Venus”

Osheaga, Woodstock and Naked Cyclists

Caution: The following contains pictures of nude bicyclists and fully-clothed music festival attendees. Go figure! You know me, I like to look for and share life’s little juxtapositions. Here’s another one. It was hot and humid in Montreal last weekend. A three-day weekend across Canada but not here in Quebec where we had our longContinue reading “Osheaga, Woodstock and Naked Cyclists”

Montreal’s Thirtieth Tour de l’Île

Today is the 30th annual Tour de l’Île  bicycle event in Montreal. The weather is ideal so a large turn-out can be expected. The map below from The Gazette outlines some areas to be avoided if you are driving due to road closures and numerous cyclists. DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likesContinue reading “Montreal’s Thirtieth Tour de l’Île”

Driver Sues Dead Accident Victim

Aside from the concern for their own well-being, does it ever cross (cyclists’) minds the effect on a driver who, while heeding all regulations, hits them? Even if it wasn’t the driver’s fault, I believe there can be a dramatic effect on his or her life. There is a tragic story playing-out just north ofContinue reading “Driver Sues Dead Accident Victim”

It’s Bicycle Season: Avoid ‘Dooring’

With the arrival of spring, and dryer road surfaces comes the annual return of the seasonal bicycle riders. This year the Montreal police have said they will crackdown on what is known as “Dooring”. This is what happens when a motorist or passenger opens their door without first checking to see if there is aContinue reading “It’s Bicycle Season: Avoid ‘Dooring’”

Sunday Traffic Rant: What part of straight don’t you understand?

Why don’t people understand the simple traffic light below? Can I turn right now? NOPE! What part of straight don’t you understand? And that little walking man figure, didn’t that give you an idea? But when there are no people in the crosswalk can I turn right? No, it’s not optional! DCMontreal is a MontrealContinue reading “Sunday Traffic Rant: What part of straight don’t you understand?”

Montreal cyclist fined $651 for tipping-off fellow scofflaws

In Montreal this week a cyclist, having just been dinged with a $41 ticket for running a red light, thought it would be a good idea to warn fellow bicycle riders about the police operation. Not such a good idea as he was assessed an additional $651 fine for obstructing police work. On one handContinue reading “Montreal cyclist fined $651 for tipping-off fellow scofflaws”

Montreal’s Bixi bicycle network adds needed docking stations

To paraphrase the old saying, often attributed to Ogden Nash although many insist the author is unknown, Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, now I know where my bicycle is! With the snow melting away for another year things start to pop up. Not just daffodils and the odd crocus, but entire bicycle stands.Continue reading “Montreal’s Bixi bicycle network adds needed docking stations”