Hockey Night in Canada: Rogers, Strombo and Decoder Rings

The new era has begun: communications giant Rogers has started it’s 12-year odyssey as Canada’s broadcaster of NHL hockey.  Out with some old, in with some new. It’s early days yet, but already there are changes aplenty for hockey fans to digest. Some interesting additions include a “Sky-Cam” which resembles the NFL’s up-field play-following angle.Continue reading “Hockey Night in Canada: Rogers, Strombo and Decoder Rings”

Coronation Street: Fans Threaten Boycott Over Storyline

As I’ve mentioned in another post, my guilty pleasure is the long-running British soap opera Coronation Street. I’ve been watching it for years and can’t help but notice how it has changed over time to keep up with its audience. The soap has tackled a myriad of storylines and situations; from the ever popular loveContinue reading “Coronation Street: Fans Threaten Boycott Over Storyline”

UPDATED: Rolf Harris: maybe he was tying down more that just his kangaroo

UPDATE FROM BBC, JUNE 30, 2014 Veteran entertainer Rolf Harris has been found guilty of indecently assaulting four girls. The 84-year-old was convicted of 12 attacks between 1968 and 1986. One of the victims was a childhood friend of his daughter, Bindi. Another was aged seven or eight. During his seven-week trial, prosecutors portrayed HarrisContinue reading “UPDATED: Rolf Harris: maybe he was tying down more that just his kangaroo”

Coronation Street; a true guilty pleasure

Okay … time to fess-up. We all have them so why not admit it? I’m referring to those silly little things that give us a bit of simple happiness from time-to-time and are often called “guilty pleasures” although that does conjure up something more exotic. Maybe it’s a warm fuzzy feeling from a too saccharineContinue reading “Coronation Street; a true guilty pleasure”