Getting Attitude From A Google Mini

A few weeks ago I wrote about the occasional hijacking of my Google Mini by television adverts. We managed to have a lovely Christmas season without any more advertisers’ hijinks. But if ever I had wondered about what some people claim regarding the arepa’s (as she has come to be known, given her shape) abilityContinue reading “Getting Attitude From A Google Mini”

Hijacking Google Mini

A couple of years ago my nephew gave us a Google Nest Mini. It’s one of those electronic assistants that can do a whole bunch of things when programmed to do so, or asked. Yes indeed this little muggins can be told to do pre-programmed things when asked. It’s a small enough device that, asContinue reading “Hijacking Google Mini”

Mysterious iPhone Jamming Building In Montreal

As I stroll along Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal on a pretty much daily basis it is my wont to tune in to one or other of several available music streaming apps. Sometimes it’s AccuRadio, sometimes TuneIn Radio, or perhaps iHeart Radio. I noticed that whenever I pass the pictured building above – corner ofContinue reading “Mysterious iPhone Jamming Building In Montreal”

McAfee LiveSafe™ Oddities

I have been getting some strange message on my Acer PC lately. I have McAfee LiveSafe™ installed on it and have been pleased with the protection. But for the past several days almost every webpage I go to results in a warning at the top of the screen: And even odder, from time to time aContinue reading “McAfee LiveSafe™ Oddities”

iPhone Oddities Continue

A short time ago I wrote about my computers working in tandem to drive me insane. Well, my iPhone seems to have decided it was time to get in on things as well. It is not the occasional email from December 31, 1969 with no content or sender’s name that gets me. Nope. It isContinue reading “iPhone Oddities Continue”

Windows 10 and iOS 9: You Call These Upgrades?

Words evolve over time and often take on new and different, sometimes even opposite meanings. Perhaps a prime example is the word gay which once meant happy or joyful, but has acquire a new meaning over the last few decades. Gay now refers to people once called homosexuals, and even that is changing as theContinue reading “Windows 10 and iOS 9: You Call These Upgrades?”

Browser Oddity

Our computer woes are lessening, but not yet alleviated. Having purchased an HDMI cable from a local dollar store for the princely sum of three bucks, significantly less than the $29 and up charged at electronics stores, our laptop is now connected to our television. Not ideal, but a sufficient stopgap. Is this an attemptContinue reading “Browser Oddity”

My New iPhone is Out to Drive Me iNsane

I’ve given it considerable thought and can’t find another explanation: my new iPhone is definitely trying to drive me iNsane.  A few weeks ago my old iPhone decided to retire, necessitating the replacement thereof with a shiny new model. On the whole, I like my new iPhone. … when I need the screen to beContinue reading “My New iPhone is Out to Drive Me iNsane”

Imposing Your Music On Others: Then and Now

It was not all that long ago that a ride on a public bus was likely to include at least one, as we called them back then, ghetto blaster. Of course boom box soon replaced the original derogatory term. It never ceased to amaze me that the louder the music, the lousier it was. IContinue reading “Imposing Your Music On Others: Then and Now”

Odd WordPress Statistics

I was just wondering if any other users had ever experienced the odd drop in views that seems to have occurred to my blog some hours ago.  As the graphic below indicates, things were moving along swimmingly until something happened and a cliff appears where a peak or glen should be. Did a largeContinue reading “Odd WordPress Statistics”