Not Mentioning Mass Killers Won’t Make Them Go Away

Sadly, once again, a mass killing is in the news. The horrific tragedy that took place last Friday in Santa Barbara, California, during which seven young lives, including the killer, were snuffed-out, has dominated the news this week. Killing sprees of this nature have become all too familiar and are always fodder for gun controlContinue reading “Not Mentioning Mass Killers Won’t Make Them Go Away”

Glocks on Campus

In light of yesterday’s tragedy in California, I reiterate that the only kind of “glocks” that should be found on or near a university campus are glockenspiels played by members of marching bands, and not those used to kill. Daily Post: Break the Silence DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balanceContinue reading “Glocks on Campus”

Lost and Found: Casey Kasem and the Santa Maria

When you consider they can’t find a Boeing 777 after two months of searching, and that it took over 500 years to find the Santa Maria in15 feet of water less than two miles off the coast, things don’t auger well for locating Casey any time soon. What a strange world. The search continues forContinue reading “Lost and Found: Casey Kasem and the Santa Maria”

Paul Begala on Cliven Bundy

CNN’s Paul Begala leaves no nail’s head unhit in this opinion piece about Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the Conservative support flip-flop. Interesting reading for a Saturday. Bundy was plainly a nutcase, and the right-wing pundits and politicians should have seen that. He should never have been portrayed as a hero or a victim orContinue reading “Paul Begala on Cliven Bundy”

Searchers Lack Color Coordination

OK so the black box is orange and the blue fin drone is yellow. Should these people be in charge of locating a plane? — DCMontreal (@DCMontreal) April 21, 2014 DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, aContinue reading “Searchers Lack Color Coordination”

Cannibals; Neither Fine Nor Young

Should you ever receive a dinner invitation from the Ali brothers, Mohammed Arif and Mohammed Farman, of Pakistan, give it a miss. Beg off pleading just about any excuse. A work commitment or family funeral, all bets are off. You see these two have just be re-arrested for the hideous offence of cannibalism. Yes indeedContinue reading “Cannibals; Neither Fine Nor Young”

Exit Piers Morgan; Enter Don Lemon?

Last night after just three years in the host’s seat Piers Morgan signed-off for the last time. He ended his stint as Larry King’s replacement in the coveted nine o’clock time slot on CNN by revisiting his crusade for tougher gun control laws. Unfortunately Morgan never really made an impact with viewers and was consistentlyContinue reading “Exit Piers Morgan; Enter Don Lemon?”

CNN’s ‘New Day’ Hosts Still Don’t Seem Comfortable

The recent decision to go with wall to wall coverage of the missing Malaysian airplane has given CNN a huge ratings boost during prime time. This was a much-needed boost as the all-news station has been lagging behind FOX News on a regular basis. Whether the evening ratings will hold once the missing plane crisisContinue reading “CNN’s ‘New Day’ Hosts Still Don’t Seem Comfortable”