CNN’s Finding Jesus Needs Mel Brooks

The series Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery is currently airing on Sunday nights at 9:00 on CNN. Perhaps in conjunction with Lent, or just as a ratings grab, the series’ first two installments ran back-to-back last evening. The first episode was broadcast a week ago. The series features a  veritable plethora of scientists and peopleContinue reading “CNN’s Finding Jesus Needs Mel Brooks”

Boston’s Never-ending Festival of Snow

If I turn on my TV and there are not a bunch of CNN reporters up to their arses in Boston snow I figure something is wrong. Boston is one of my favorite places, but what ever have you done to deserve this incredibly snowy fate? If I turn on my TV and there areContinue reading “Boston’s Never-ending Festival of Snow”

Man Holed-Up by Irate Groundhog; Failed Meteorological Career Blamed

“C’mon out ya bastard and tell the people how far off spring is”. “Let’s hold you up like a half-asleep moron for all the world to see.” “Don’t be afraid of your shadow ya chicken-shit.” According to CNN, a New Hampshire man was recently attacked and chased by a groundhog. The angry critter kept theContinue reading “Man Holed-Up by Irate Groundhog; Failed Meteorological Career Blamed”

The Sad Demise of the Well-Rounded Higher Education

A while ago CNN took a gander at the state of higher education. The documentary Ivory Tower looked at the rising cost of education and probed whether or not it is worth it. I sense the program seemed to get short shrift. I certainly understand the need for a good job with sufficient earnings toContinue reading “The Sad Demise of the Well-Rounded Higher Education”

No CNN Hype; So Did Comet Probe Philae Really Land?

Yesterday the comet probe Philae landed, bounced and hopefully settled on good old Comet 67P. This was a huge event if the number of jumping, shouting, hugging, crying European scientists is any indication. Being as far from a space geek as you can get, this soft landing really didn’t excite me. Ask me about theContinue reading “No CNN Hype; So Did Comet Probe Philae Really Land?”

Hockey Night in Canada: Rogers, Strombo and Decoder Rings

The new era has begun: communications giant Rogers has started it’s 12-year odyssey as Canada’s broadcaster of NHL hockey.  Out with some old, in with some new. It’s early days yet, but already there are changes aplenty for hockey fans to digest. Some interesting additions include a “Sky-Cam” which resembles the NFL’s up-field play-following angle.Continue reading “Hockey Night in Canada: Rogers, Strombo and Decoder Rings”

CNN Correspondent Damon Likes To Take The Odd Nip; Smile Arwa, Smile

Senior CNN International correspondent and Emmy Award-winning journalist Arwa Damon is once again on our television screens on a daily basis. Nothing personal Arwa, but that’s not usually a good thing as Damon’s area of expertise is conflict zones. When Arwa’s on there’s usually a war, or military action of some kind underway. Damon’s styleContinue reading “CNN Correspondent Damon Likes To Take The Odd Nip; Smile Arwa, Smile”

The Other Missouri Police Shooting: Kajieme Powell

Did the police consider maintaining space between themselves and Powell by backing up? He had a knife, not a gun. In St. Louis, Missouri this week a very sad situation, one that occurs way too often, was played out involving a young African-American male being shot and killed by police. This tragedy has, among otherContinue reading “The Other Missouri Police Shooting: Kajieme Powell”

Ferguson, Missouri; Russel Honoré; and Pizza

I have to believe that if the National Guard in Ferguson had made their point… but then had plunked down a pile of boxes of pizza for the protesters… they would have won the public relations battle. The incendiary situation in Ferguson, Missouri goes on, showing no real sign of abating, and sadly appears toContinue reading “Ferguson, Missouri; Russel Honoré; and Pizza”

Quebec Helicopter Prison Escape Take Two

“Fool me once Shame on you Fool me twice Shame on me.” Chinese proverb “Now, if I had the wings of an angel, Over these prison walls I would fly.” Bill Monroe, The Prisoner’s Song For the second time in less than two years prisoners have made good an escape attempt from a Quebec penitentiaryContinue reading “Quebec Helicopter Prison Escape Take Two”