Candidate Surrogates: No Finesse Needed

One of the more annoying features of the 2016 US presidential campaign, and there are many annoying features, is the outright refusal of candidate ‘surrogates’ to answer questions. Gone are the days when a spokesperson would shrewdly turn a difficult question about their candidate into a statement about the other guy. Now the strategy isContinue reading “Candidate Surrogates: No Finesse Needed”

Presidential Appearance: Trump Lowers the Bar

Last week Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. After the meeting the two men addressed the assembled media. The immediate reaction on both sides of the border was that Peña Nieto had missed an opportunity to publicly challenge Trump on his promise to build a wall along the borderContinue reading “Presidential Appearance: Trump Lowers the Bar”

Rio Olympics Coverage: Kudos to CBC Et al.

The Rio 2016 Olympics are now in the history books. The horrors that some feared would befall the games did not, thankfully, seem to materialize. I am a big fan of the Olympics for several reasons but primarily because they give me an opportunity to see sports that I rarely see other than during theContinue reading “Rio Olympics Coverage: Kudos to CBC Et al.”

I Hope This Post Resonates With Readers

As I write this we are mere hours from the start of the Sunday morning news shows. These programs – Meet the Press, Face the Nation, ABC This Week – are a throwback to the days before 24-hour news channels, a time when a few hours on Sunday morning was the only outlet for talkingContinue reading “I Hope This Post Resonates With Readers”

Hey Weather Network, Quebec is Part of Canada

We have one of those televisions that allow you to customize certain aspects. For instance the start up channel can be programmed to a favourite. Turning on my mother’s television brings you to CNN, as that is what she watches most. In my house my fiancée – aka my significantly better half – has arrangedContinue reading “Hey Weather Network, Quebec is Part of Canada”

Paris Attacks: Blame Radicals, Not Religion

Friday’s terror attacks in Paris will no doubt have some people pointing the finger of blame at religion. Great big broad strokes are easy to apply at times such as these. While it can’t be denied that religion is a driving force propelling those behind these and other attacks, to simply chalk things up toContinue reading “Paris Attacks: Blame Radicals, Not Religion”

Oddly Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump Agree on Taxation

What struck me most about last night’s GOP candidates debate on CNN was not the usual bitching and sniping. Nor was it anything outrageous Donald Trump said. It was a comment made by current second-place Dr. Ben Carson about Trump regarding tax. On the other hand Trump, a billionaire himself, prefers a weighted system thatContinue reading “Oddly Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump Agree on Taxation”

Happy Canada Day 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA / BONNE FÊTE CANADA On this 148th birthday of Canada I will let others do the writing about my country. No doubt this is in keeping with our reputation of being polite folks. The CBC has a piece on how Canada is perceived around the word, in which they ask Canadian Studies teachersContinue reading “Happy Canada Day 2015”

Prison Escape: Matt and Sweat in Canada?

As I write a massive manhunt is underway in northern New York State for two escaped murderers, Richard Matt and David Sweat. There are roadblocks and  checkpoints on Interstates, school events have been cancelled, and people cautioned to be vigilant and stay indoors as much as possible. The two were able to establish themselves asContinue reading “Prison Escape: Matt and Sweat in Canada?”

Presidential Families: Bush and Clinton

With yesterday’s announcement that Hillary Rodham Clinton is indeed going to make a run for president of the United States In 2016, she faces an interesting dilemma. Namely, to go with the Clinton legacy, or try to forge ahead as just good old Hillary. (By the way, it’s Hillary with two l’s, not one.) HusbandContinue reading “Presidential Families: Bush and Clinton”