Sane Media Wakes Up, Smells Coffee

I have never been fond of the term ‘mainstream media/news’. I prefer to refer to it as the sane media/news. Like Trump’s phrase ‘fake news’, it makes no sense. If it’s fake, it’s not news. The fabrications broadcast on several far-right outlets are not deserving of the ‘news’ classification. If it’s fake, it’s not news.Continue reading “Sane Media Wakes Up, Smells Coffee”

What Part Of Don’t Travel Do You Not Understand?

My next-door neighbour (or neighbor as they prefer), the USA, is a huge country. With a population of some 350 million people, and rising, it is a vast land. It is strong, patriotic, and advanced. Yet it also has one of the highest per-capita rates of COVID-19 in the world. According to Johns Hopkins UniversityContinue reading “What Part Of Don’t Travel Do You Not Understand?”

Sorry But We Canadians Do Not Apologize Too Much

This post originally appeared in 2013. At the time it was linked to by CNN. It is often said that we Canadians are polite to a fault.  As a Canadian I would suggest, but certainly not argue, that it is impossible to be overly polite. People point out that we say thank you too much,Continue reading “Sorry But We Canadians Do Not Apologize Too Much”

Poppy Harlow Has Patience of a Saint

Yesterday CNN’s Poppy Harlow had an interesting encounter with Roy Moore’s – spokeswoman Jane Porter. I use the word encounter instead of interview because Porter refused to actually be interviewed, preferring instead to ignore Harlow’s questions and say what she wanted. This is not a new tactic, but it has become overused to the pointContinue reading “Poppy Harlow Has Patience of a Saint”

No Need To Stand In a Hurricane

Every time there is a hurricane or tornado the same thing happens, and Hurricane Irma was no exception. Media outlets deploy to the region in masses and, as if we would not believe them, place correspondents outside in the elements.  When there is nothing happening these reporters can fill hours with background and warnings, butContinue reading “No Need To Stand In a Hurricane”

Kellyanne Conway’s CNN Caper

This morning I watched Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway ramble on for over an hour on CNN. They should have changed the name to Conway Nonsense Network for the segment. It was not an interview, although Chris Cuomo did address numerous questions to  Conway, more of an exercise in avoidance and obfuscation on herContinue reading “Kellyanne Conway’s CNN Caper”

There’s got to be something Anthony Bourdain does not like

I enjoy watching Anthony Bourdain on CNN. His travel/food show is well done and he is a fine host. His sense of humour is subtle and witty, and his appreciation of fine food is second to none. He is the opposite of Mikey in the old Life cereal advertisement who does not like anything (except ofContinue reading “There’s got to be something Anthony Bourdain does not like”

Mainstream Media and Russian Hacking

One often hears the term ‘mainstream media’ these days. It is often used derogatorily by President Trump to indicate those news channels and publications that do not support him. It is not the job of any media outlet to support any president; rather the constant questioning is a necessary means of checks and balances. WithoutContinue reading “Mainstream Media and Russian Hacking”

I Nominate “Pivot” as 2016 Most Overused Campaign Word

After what feels like decades the US election campaign is down to the last four days. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are picking up the pace as they crisscross the country in a last effort to secure votes. Perhaps the only group more fatigued than the candidates are the umpteen surrogates who continue to popContinue reading “I Nominate “Pivot” as 2016 Most Overused Campaign Word”

Trump: Uncharted Not Unchartered

As I write this the 24-hour news channels are in raptures over the latest Donald Trump gaffe. Wall-to-wall coverage of his gutter-mouth chat with someone called Billy Bush in 2005 has kept the news mills grinding overtime, unearthing numerous other examples of Trump’s misogynist tendencies as illustrated on the Howard Stern radio show. The wayContinue reading “Trump: Uncharted Not Unchartered”