Small World; Small Bookshop

To say I am a creature of habit would, at least when it comes to places of residence, be an understatement. My wife and I moved into our current apartment almost 18-years ago. Prior to that I had lived in another unit in this building for 18-years. To further illustrate my home-body trait, the buildingContinue reading “Small World; Small Bookshop”

Weekly Writing Challenge: Hope I’m not paid by the word

This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge: the Devil is in the Details gives me an opportunity to defend my tight writing style. So let me come at the theme  from a different angle. It’s a matter of degrees, in fact about 180°. I’m not a big fan of lengthy, flowery, detail-laden writing; I’m economical with words –Continue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: Hope I’m not paid by the word”

A blind man running won’t notice

I know all the letters, and many – but certainly not all – of the words, and I even have a layman’s knowledge of many of the numbers. So, as the walrus said to the carpenter, the time has come, to satisfy those who have told me over the years: “You should write.” As forContinue reading “A blind man running won’t notice”

Can you please stop saying “like”?

Definition of LIKE transitive verb 1chiefly dialect: to be suitable or agreeable to <I like onions but they don’t like me> 2a: to feel attraction toward or take pleasure in :enjoy <likes baseball> b: to feel toward :regard <how would you like a change> 3: to wish to have :want <would like a drink> 4:Continue reading “Can you please stop saying “like”?”

Cultural thoughts from Mario Vargas Llosa

In an interview with Andres Oppenheimer Mario Vargas Llosa laments the change in culture to what he calls “show culture” which I think is akin to the concept of dumbing-down. Mario Vargas Llosa says in a new book that we are living in a “culture of entertainment” in which everything — including literature, journalism, politicsContinue reading “Cultural thoughts from Mario Vargas Llosa”