The idiocy of audio sports highlights

There is an expression often used by sports commentators when an athlete does something outstanding; they say ‘that will make the highlight reel’. You can see just how old that adage is by the use of the word reel, referring to the time when teams put out end-of-season films featuring the best plays of theContinue reading “The idiocy of audio sports highlights”

COVID-19 Forces Baseball To Make Changes – Some Good, Some Not

When it comes to sports, from a spectator’s view, I guess I’m a bit of a purist. I have never appreciated the Designated Hitter rule in baseball. Nor have I, as many, perhaps most, fans have, embraced the NHL system of breaking ties. But as a means of deciding a game, it seems to reduceContinue reading “COVID-19 Forces Baseball To Make Changes – Some Good, Some Not”

COVID-19: Oops Too Soon

The perfect poached egg takes about four minutes in a pot of water that has come to a boil then removed from the heat and the lid placed on it. Removing the egg before the time is up will result in a half-cooked mucky slimy mess. Oops, too soon. Many a teenaged romantic dalliance hasContinue reading “COVID-19: Oops Too Soon”

COVID-19: Hank Aaron Knew What To Do With A Curve

It should come as no surprise that some, arguably all, politicians, from time to time, tell a wee lie. Sometimes, of course, they are real porky pies, and not wee at all. Outright lying is one thing, unacceptable under almost any circumstances other than life or death. The current US President is an example ofContinue reading “COVID-19: Hank Aaron Knew What To Do With A Curve”

MLB: No-Hitters and Geeks

Major League Baseball (MLB) is suffering a sharp decline in attendance so far this year. Compared to the same point last year some 800,000 fans have opted to stay away from ball parks. Home runs are up, strikeouts are up, even overall revenue is up, but seats remain empty. I’m no expert, but I thinkContinue reading “MLB: No-Hitters and Geeks”

Baseball in Montreal

So, the return of baseball to Montreal is once again in the news. Major League Baseball at that. The story broke yesterday that the brain trust at MLB has given the Tampa Bay Rays (once the Devil Rays) permission to talk to Montreal investors about the possibility of splitting the team’s games between the twoContinue reading “Baseball in Montreal”

MLB Should Rethink Intentional Walks and Pitching Changes

The Major League Baseball season is well underway, even as both NBA and NHL seasons come to dramatic ends. Soon all sports focus, with the exception of some soccer fans, will be on the boys of summer. The trend over the past few years has been to alter the game such that it moves alongContinue reading “MLB Should Rethink Intentional Walks and Pitching Changes”

Watching Baseball with a Hall of Famer

This year’s version has been an exceptionally entertaining World Series. Some late nights due to extra innings, but very enjoyable. If you read this blog regularly you may know that I have a difficult time with fantasy and time-travel, yet even I can appreciate the greatness of 1989’s film Field of Dreams. So it wasContinue reading “Watching Baseball with a Hall of Famer”

Sports Look Faster In Person – Usually

I am a fan of sports. But not being a fan of crowds I tend to limit myself to television coverage. Recently we were given a pair of “Prestige Passes” to attend the Rogers Cup ATP event in Montreal. Settling in I was pleased that there were several empty seats to my right, affording me plentyContinue reading “Sports Look Faster In Person – Usually”

Audio Sports Highlights Just Don’t Work

There is an expression used when an athlete makes a great play; they say ‘that will make the highlight reel’. You can see just how old that adage is by the use of the word reel, at one time teams put out end of season films of the best plays of the year.   I haveContinue reading “Audio Sports Highlights Just Don’t Work”