Epaper or Hardcopy: It’s all about access

I love newspapers. In fact, I am a news junkie in general but have always loved the local coverage of my world found in my local newspaper. In my case that is the Montreal Gazette.

I held out for a long time, but several years ago I gave in and switched to the epaper version. It was a bit cheaper, and I was assured of its arrival, unlike my hardcopy, the delivery of which was becoming erratic as the paper shifted from an army of kids on foot or bike to a lesser number of adults with cars.

… regardless of good old-fashioned hard copy or electronic epaper, it still has to be accessible to the reader

If your paper didn’t arrive at the usual time you could call an actual person who would explain the reason – a press issue, or a sick delivery kid – and then make sure you received your paper soon with apologies. Sadly that is not the case with epaper problems. As the photo above shows, the Montreal Gazette epaper has been unavailable for two days. No problem I thought, I’ll just contact them using the handy email address they provide. In no time at all, I got a reply: “Thank you for contacting Montreal Gazette ePaper and Digital Access Support.  We have received your request and a representative will follow up with you within the next 3 to 4 business days, Monday to Friday.”

Do they not grasp the concept of news? It’s all about timeliness?

Do they not grasp the concept of news? It’s all about timeliness?. People are often surprised that I still subscribe to a daily newspaper, but I like the local angle it provides, even if I can no longer fold it and put it in my jacket pocket. The content is the same, whether electronic or not. But, by the same token, regardless of good old-fashioned hard copy or electronic epaper, it still has to be accessible to the reader.

I’m sure my inability to access these two days (and counting) editions will be reflected in my monthly bill!!

2 thoughts on “Epaper or Hardcopy: It’s all about access

  1. Still waiting for my Gazoo

    1. From PressReader: [March 6, 12:25 am PST]

      New content is now being released

      Our teams have been working relentlessly on restoring operations and we are now able to process and release current newspapers and magazines, however, we continue to scale these systems back to their full capacity.

      To get your favorite publications available as fast as possible, we are prioritizing titles from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and we’ll then process publications from the Americas and, finally, Asia. All this is to ensure timely delivery of the latest issues in each publication’s time zone, which is our highest priority now more than ever.

      Both text view and other interactive features such as text-to-speech and translation will be available. We will continue to share updates as they become available. Once again, thank you for your trust, patience and collaboration as we work hard to restore operations.

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