Pub Crawl vs Pub Walk

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a Pub Crawl as ‘a visit to several pubs, one after the other, having a drink or drinks at each one’. Other well-established dictionaries offer similar definitions. However, they all neglect to explain the crawl aspect as opposed to merely walking.

If you’re not crawling, you’re not doing it right!

Visiting several pubs, or bars, for a drink or two (three?) in each, if done properly, will seriously impair one’s ability to walk. Hence the notion of crawling.

If you’re not crawling, you’re not doing it right!

Or, perhaps you are mired in the middle of a pandemic that has, among many other restrictions, required pubs and bars to close. Yesterday, long before curfew, my wife and I went for a stroll down memory lane. We retraced our steps through downtown Montreal, now resembling a ghost town, and paid an extramural visit to several drinking spots.

For reasons explained above, no drink was taken, no crawling was involved. But maybe, just maybe, if we are all good, and adhere to the rigid restrictions of the confinement, one day soon we can once again meet up for a drink or two (three?)

Here’s to crawling!

For further bar related reading please check out: An Ode to Bars and Those Who Tend Them, Montreal Bars of the Eighties, A Short History of Montreal’s Anglo/Irish Pubs

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One thought on “Pub Crawl vs Pub Walk

  1. Loved this and all the photos of you. By the way, have shared your post about the x-ray technician with a few health care friends (retired) who really liked it also. It strikes me that that piece would make an excellent Gazette article or op ed. Hmm? Keep well, both of you and good luck to M.L. as she ventures back to school. Lin

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