Irritable Vowel Syndrome

A as in annoyed. Here in Canada there are areas where people tend to use it as a little tag question at the end of a sentence as in “Great day, eh”. Therein lies the problem; all those references that are made to the Canadian “eh” and it isn’t even spelled “a”. Should be “Great day, a”

E as in exhausted. As the most used letter in the English language, E is cranky as it feels Y could probably help out a bit more.

I as in irate. It has outgrown the whole vowel thing and wants to concentrate on being a pronoun.

O as in outraged. This guy is sick and tired at being the middleman, between fellow vowels I and U in the poverty indicating IOU.

U as in upset. Although pleased with the occasional independence afforded by collegiate sports, such as U Conn, UTEP, etc. and even an important role at the United Nations during the sixties with U Thant, like his colleague I, U wants to devote time to becoming a texting pronoun as in “U need to buy milk”.

Y as in yearning. Poor Y is fed up with being a part time vowel, but unlike his buddy U he isn’t fond of the texting popularity he has gained recently as in “Y did U forget the milk?”. Y feels he is under used and could help out with E’s burden, even leading the way – or yven leading the way, yventually, and yspecially the yssential yveryday words like “Good Yveneing”.

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