Taking Advantage of the Pandemic

The current pandemic has opened doors to all kinds of people, giving them an opportunity to promote their theories. Including Montreal’s mayor using it to fast-track her desire to pedestrianise a main downtown street. But that’s just politics.

Then there are the anti-vaxers, those folks who refuse to even think about having themselves or their children vaccinated for any number of reasons. Even time-proven vaccines are verboten for these people. They don’t care how many people they may make sick by not being vaccinated, after all, it’s all about them isn’t it?

Perhaps it is a natural progression that leads many anti-vaxers to become anti-maskers during a pandemic. Once again they cite bogus science to claim that the masks are in fact bad for the wearer, or they drag out the old ‘It’s my right’ argument – no government is going to tell me to wear a mask. Well, actually they are.

Then we have the Flat Earthers who believe (or at least profess to believe) that the whole COVID-19 pandemic is a hoax. There is no virus. There is no need for vaccines or masks. It is all a ploy to control people. Big Brother is everywhere and is now using COVID-19 to herd people like sheep. Why? Well, that remains to be seen. Aside from refusing to wear masks, the Flat Earthers believe that Bill Gates is behind the vaccine, and is using it to implant microchips in us that will lead to our demise. Of course, they also believe Australia does not exist.

Why Gates would want to do that when almost all people voluntarily carry a cellphone and have a home device (Hi Alexa) that is probably already tracking us. So what. Big Deal.

But perhaps the group that has pushed its agenda the most during the pandemic is the Politically Correcters. These are the people who have decided they will sit in judgement of all others and will decree whether statements, statues, team names, and gender pronouns are offensive. They use social media as a bully pulpit to draw attention to what they deem to be wrong.

Recently NBC Sports hockey analyst Mike Milbury was relieved of his duties on NHL broadcasts for the rest of the playoffs. His crime? His colleague Brian Boucher, talking about COVID bubbles, said “If you think about it, it’s a terrific environment with regard to — if you enjoy playing and enjoy being with your teammates for long periods of time, it’s a perfect place,” Milbury responded “Not even any woman here to disrupt your concentration.”

1965 Montreal Canadiens

During the heyday of the Montreal Canadiens, in the fifties, sixties and seventies, when the playoffs arrived the team was sequestered in a lodge in the foothills outside of Montreal. No wives, no girlfriends (long-term or otherwise), no kids, dogs, no media etc. It was all about hockey. No distractions. I can’t recall anyone suggesting this was offensive.

I think we have become way too sensitive in these politically correct days.

1 thought on “Taking Advantage of the Pandemic

  1. I believe in political correctness insofar as I think bigotry and hate speech should be banned. But some of this is just plain silliness.

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