Walmart Canada Pandemic Price Gouging


In the early days of the pandemic, when hand sanitizer was disappearing from store shelves faster than you can say COVID, my wife went online to see if there was any way to secure what was touted as an essential anti-virus tool. She was lucky.

On the Walmart Canada website, there was a product called Cool Day’s (sic). It was a peppermint hand sanitizer, and it was the only available sanitizer. So, among several other items, she placed an order. She misread the information and thought it was a bottle of 1000mL (one litre, about a quart). In fact, it was a mere 100mL. In addition, the price was $22.99.


We discussed how this was an absurdly outrageous price for a litre of hand sanitizer. But under the circumstances in April, we figured it was just one of those things.

Over the next few months various other items from her order arrived, but no sanitizer.  The stores had restocked the shelves, but we decided not to cancel the order. Lo and behold, didn’t the product arrive yesterday. We were annoyed not only because it had taken so long, but when it did arrive it was the wrong size.

This is price gouging at it’s most abhorrent

Rechecking the original order, my wife then noticed it was indeed a 100mL bottle for $22.99. This is price gouging at it’s most abhorrent. The product was shipped by a third-party, something called Best choice, but the order was placed with, and one assumes the pricing was the responsibility of, Walmart Canada.

The Province of Ontario came down hard on price gouging however here in Quebec the government saw no need to follow suit.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Shame on Walmart Canada.

1 thought on “Walmart Canada Pandemic Price Gouging

  1. Glad I don’t shop there, although I think here they are at least requiring people to wear masks in their stores….

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