Montreal Self-Isolation Trivia Quiz


I ask my non-Montrealer readers to bear with me for this post. I have composed a Montreal Self-Isolation Trivia Quiz that several folks have asked me to make available on here. However, feel free to give it a shot!!

Deegan’s Self-Isolation Trivia Challenge

  1. For a short time in the mid-seventies, there was an Irish pub on the south side of St. Catherine Street. It assumed the former home of the Clover Leaf Pub. What was it called? And what was the origin of the name?
  2. Now a Subway Restaurant on Stanley, before it was the Rainbow Bar & Grill it was called what?
  3. Who was the original owner of the Cock ‘n’ Bull? What animal did he have as a pet?
  4. A recently departed Montreal radio morning man briefly had a bar – or part of it – on Drummond just below St. Catherine Street. What was it called?
  5. In the seventies, there was a bar on St. Catherine Street that was named for an infamous Montreal police station. What was it called? Who was the Canadian ownership partner?
  6. Located in an apartment on Victoria Street, in 1962 this coffee house featured an iconic singer/songwriter. What was the name of the venue? And who was the entertainer?
  7. Now the Three Amigos Mexican restaurant on St. Catherine Street West, what was the name of this longtime seafood place?
  8. Located for many years at 1667 St. Catherine West, this cutlery store displayed a huge moving Swiss Army knife in its window. What was the name of the knife store?
  9. The current location of the Mad Hatter’s was once the home of what record store?
  10. Recently departed Montreal Canadiens great Henri Richard owned a tavern/brasserie. What street was it on?
  11. Les Halles was a fancy restaurant on Crescent Street for many years. During the eighties, below it, at street level, was a bar frequented by a young less affluent clientele. What was it called?
  12. Prior to becoming a bar owner, what was Derek Johnson’s profession?
  13. Sunday nights were Dixieland Jazz nights at the Cock ‘n’ Bull. What was on Monday nights?
  14. What English pub was located on the north side of deMaisonneuve between Drummond and Stanley before they removed the tunnel?
  15. Before it was the main entrance to Concordia’s library, what was the name of the pub that faced the Hall building?
  16. Across the street from Darwin’s was a short-lived bar named for an American comic strip. What was it called?
  17. On Lambert-Closse (then simply called Closse), behind the Forum, there was a bar that had live music. What was the FULL name of this establishment?
  18. In the same area, there was a 24-hour snack bar on the corner of Closse and deMaisonneuve. What was it called?
  19. Our dear friend Marc lived on Crescent. During the mid-seventies, the door beside his on the balcony (now part of Hurley’s) was a popular barber-shop/stylist. What was it called?
  20. This British DJ made his name on CKGM-FM – later CHOM. Who was he?
  21. Teresa at McKibbon’s was not the first member of her family to arrive in Montreal from Ireland. What was her sister’s name? Where did she work?
  22. It’s now Wanda’s Strip bar, but during the 1976 Olympics, it was home to what Irish Pub? BONUS: What were the names of the duo who were the main entertainers?
  23. In what hotel was the Irish Lancer?
  24. Now a Middle-Eastern restaurant, what was the name of the small sub-basement German restaurant on the north side of St. Catherine between St. Marc and St. Matthieu?
  25. What was the name of the long-lived Spanish resto/bar at the corner of Crescent and deMaisonneuve?

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