Mysterious iPhone Jamming Building In Montreal

Mysterious iPhone jamming building

As I stroll along Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal on a pretty much daily basis it is my wont to tune in to one or other of several available music streaming apps. Sometimes it’s AccuRadio, sometimes TuneIn Radio, or perhaps iHeart Radio.

I noticed that whenever I pass the pictured building above – corner of Ste. Catherine and MacKay Streets – my iPhone stops streaming and has to be restarted. In addition, once restarted it will, regardless of what the battery strength was at before restarting, indicate either 6% or 8% and will shut down.

I have learned to let it have a short nap, then start it up again. At this point, it will function normally and the battery strength indicator will reflect a true reading.

Every day!

Curious fellow that I am, I looked up one day and noticed that the roof of the building is adorned with numerous antennae-looking things as shown in the above photo. I don’t know if it has anything to do with the abutting police station, but something up on that roof is causing me music-enjoying grief.

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One thought on “Mysterious iPhone Jamming Building In Montreal

  1. I’ve had the same problem for years, even back when it was that chicken joint before a cop shop. Now I have never noticed the antennae things before as I never thought to look up there as there was a dead spot in the middle of the intersection at MacKay which I attributed to electrical interference coming from under the road. Also there is an even bigger black out as you come round the corner of south Bishop onto St Catherine heading west, which is the Canadian military recruitment centre. I’ve always thought 2 things either they are blocking espionage attempts or like MacKay high voltage electrical interference. I don’t have the problems you do, but nonetheless still annoying. Happens a lot more in London sometimes 3 times in a block.

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