Justin Trudeau Misses Chance To Quote Father


They say that history tends to repeat itself. Given some of the rotten things that have taken place – wars, plagues, racism – I hope this supposition does not hold water.

Yet last night in London, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had an opportunity to draw on the past. During a gathering of what is known as the G7, Trudeau made an off the record remark about Donald Trump. Trudeau stated to two fellow leaders in what he thought was a private conversation, that Trump’s habit of holding very long press conferences had left the other leaders waiting for an event to begin last night.

“I’ve been called worse things by better people”

Foolish of him really, he should have known that at such a function the leaders are essentially always in the presence of live mics and cameras.

When informed of the slip, Trump, fully on the record, called Trudeau ‘two-faced’.

This afforded Trudeau an opportunity to cite his late father, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Upon learning in 1971 that then US President Richard M. Nixon had referred to him as ‘that asshole’ Trudeau senior merely reacted by saying “I’ve been called worse things by better people”.


Alas, Trudeau junior missed the chance, and instead dwelt on other aspects of Trump’s comments about himself and Canada’s lack of NATO spending.

1 thought on “Justin Trudeau Misses Chance To Quote Father

  1. Pity. And I bet he’s kicking himself for missing that perfect rejoinder.

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