Gutenberg Editor Omits Post Title

When the new Gutenberg Editor was introduced to I was not a big fan. But I persevered and manage to figure things out with a few work-arounds.  

I found the blocks to be a real pain in the ass, and more so the fact that without inserting a snip of code, it is not possible to justify text. I like my text justified. 

But recently what has really stunted my blogging pleasure has been the editor’s idea to publish my posts without a title. As the email above illustrates my post a few days ago was distributed simply as 80424. My followers would have received this and must have thought it an odd title. The whole thing reminds me of Dr. Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati who would wear a T-shirt with Your Name Here on the front

Even after previewing the post to make certain it had a title, it was published without one. I had to edit the post to include the title. Most annoying.

4 thoughts on “Gutenberg Editor Omits Post Title

  1. I didn’t want the block format because it’s overkill for blogging. It can be too much for publishing a whole book. It is certainly way over the top for simple blogging and for complicated blogging too. The problem is that it’s really hard to get rid of it if it doesn’t work out. I almost lost it completely until they removed it for me.

  2. When, or if, they allow you to go back to regular blogging, will, they one day take that privilege away again? Are you a user or a .com user? Either way, I find the Gutenberg Editor a pain to deal with.

    1. I’m a .com user. So no plugins will help either.

      1. I am also a .com user, and find it incredibly difficult to continue today. Maybe WP has in mind to discourage too many bloggers after they opened Pandora’s box more than ten years ago.

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