Charles Manson Dies

Actress Sharon Tate was among the first group of Manson’s victims
1. mud, mire, or ooze; slush.
2. a deposit of ooze at the bottom of a body of water.
3. any of various more or less mudlike deposits or mixtures.
4. the sediment in a steam boiler or water tank.
5. broken ice, as on the sea.
6. a mixture of some finely powdered substance and water.
7. sediment deposited during the treatment of sewage.

How coincidental that on the day the WordPress Daily Post invites us to write about sludge, the infamous long-time convict Charles Manson has passed away at the age of 83. The mastermind behind the atrocious slaughters that came to be known as the Tate-Lobianca murders, unlike his victims, died of natural causes. Not being one to speak ill of the dead, but there are special cases, and this is one.  No doubt there are many words – monster, cruel, sick – that can be used to describe Manson, yet sludge has a nice ring to it.


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1 thought on “Charles Manson Dies

  1. Garry seems to agree that sludge works for him, too. Bye bye Charlie. Hope there’s a Hell.

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