Fibre 1 or Fiber 1???

Is it centre or center? Currently there is an ad running on TV for Fiber 1 in which the parents fool their child into thinking the cereal is called Number 1 (they do this by holding the box in such a way that the first three letters are blocked and only “BER 1” is visible). The kid eats what he thinks is his cereal and likes it.

Great…so far, so good.

Except here in Canada we spell it Fibre 1 thereby making the little hide-the-letters game impossible. But has that stopped the ad from running? Nope!! I have not been able to find the video online, but I can assure you the ad runs with the father hiding the first three letters but this time the “BRE 1” are visible and that is no way to spell Number 1!!!!

Do they think we are fools???

I like to drown my cereal in about a litre, or is that liter, of milk. Sometimes I need  a milk metre, or meter, to make sure I have enough. To hell with it, I’m off to the theatre, or theater.

DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, some Peaks and an occasional Frean and maybe a bit of a sting in the tail! Please follow DCMontreal on Twitter and on Facebook, and add him on Google+
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2 thoughts on “Fibre 1 or Fiber 1???

  1. “Do they think we are fools???” Yep! : )

  2. Technically, you can spell it either way and it’s correct. Like theatre and theater. I’m okay either way until we get to “ing” at the end, then I want the “er” because the end gets all weird.

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