I Hope This Post Resonates With Readers


As I write this we are mere hours from the start of the Sunday morning news shows. These programs – Meet the Press, Face the Nation, ABC This Week – are a throwback to the days before 24-hour news channels, a time when a few hours on Sunday morning was the only outlet for talking heads. Of course now with umpteen news channels the concept of information overload is more likely the case.

On the other hand it strikes me as time to give ‘resonate’ a bit of a rest. I vote for ‘strike a chord’!

The talk these days is all about the race for the White House. I think one thing that would make analysis of the current political races in the USA more palatable would be to ban the word ‘resonate’. There are buzzwords and then there are buzzwords, but this primary season has been rough on ‘resonate’. In almost every interview with an analyst or candidate spokesperson, the word resonate pops up. The candidate’s message is or is not resonating with old/young/black/white/Latino/Hispanic/male/female voters. No one says the candidate’s message is hitting home, or is well received, or makes an impact or is lost on the audience. Nope, it’s all about resonating.

A quick check with Merriam-Webster shows the definition of the word, but also that ‘resonate’ is in the top 1% of lookups. That’s a whole lot of people looking up a word that they keep hearing and hearing. On the one hand it is great that people take the time to find out what a word means. On the other hand it strikes me as time to give ‘resonate’ a bit of a rest. I vote for ‘strike a chord’!

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