UPDATED: Montreal: March Coming in Like a Lion

Matthew Deegan
Come One, Come All Matthew Deegan 1915

UPDATE: Well the forecasters blew it yet again. Montrealers awoke to a dusting of snow. How can so many meteorologists with so much technology constantly screw up when it comes to snow storms? They are great with Warnings and Alerts and Watches and even Special Weather Statements, but seem to be way off the mark with forecasts.

Welcome to the month of March. If we can get through this month, even with any major weather incidents, I feel it safe to say we will have winter on the ropes. April can still be tricky around Montreal, but anything that does fall in the form of snow will be gone in a day or so.

But did March come in like a lion? According to an  English proverb, March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. We will have to see, but as far as Environment Canada is concerned, the proverbial lion is getting an early start, with nasty conditions forecast to begin today.


Oh well, here’s hoping that lamb gets here soon!

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