Browser Oddity

Our computer woes are lessening, but not yet alleviated. Having purchased an HDMI cable from a local dollar store for the princely sum of three bucks, significantly less than the $29 and up charged at electronics stores, our laptop is now connected to our television. Not ideal, but a sufficient stopgap.

Is this an attempt to get us to use Microsoft Edge, the browser that comes with Windows 10? If so it is very annoying.

The PC required replacing; after eight years of use we really couldn’t complain. So off we went and bought a spanking new computer. It essentially set up by itself, and I was able to transfer the files I had removed from the old box. The hardware works like a charm, however there is some weirdness with the softer side of things.

I downloaded and installed Mozilla Firefox which I have been using for years. I can’t get it to synch with my account, which would allow me to use the browser as I have set it up right from the start. No big deal, I just reset the seven tabs I want Firefox to display when opened. The hardest part was remembering the passwords. However the browser refuses to open the pages I have requested in the settings. It opens a page with a Bing search box instead.

Undaunted I pushed on and downloaded and installed Google Chrome. What do you know? It won’t open the tabs I want either. I can see them listed there under settings, but when I click the icon to open the browser I get the Start Me page.

A quick scan of the Internet showed me that this is not an unusual occurrence. Yet so far I have not come upon a solution. Is this an attempt to get us to use Microsoft Edge, the browser that comes with Windows 10? If so it is very annoying.

According to, data from August 2015 showed that user uptake of Edge was quite low, with only 2% of overall computer users using the new browser. Among Windows 10 users usage peaked at 20% and then dropped to 14% through August 2015, as users tried it and many stopped using it in favor of other browsers

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