Hot Enough For Ya? Try The Fan-Tastic® App

During the summer, there are those times when a good old fan is called for.  Air conditioning does the majority of the cooling, but sometimes you need a simple, convenient hand fan. Whether in church, or a private home, when the temperature rises, and you need to cool off fast, reach for your smart phone and engage Fan-Tastic®. Silent and instantly cooling, Fan-Tastic® does the trick. Best of all, it’s free!

Some found this funny, I just think it makes sense!

Me DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, some Peaks and an occasional Frean and maybe a bit of a sting in the tail! Please follow DC on Twitter @DCMontreal and on Facebook, and add him on Google+
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3 thoughts on “Hot Enough For Ya? Try The Fan-Tastic® App

  1. Must be something wrong with my phone, I downloaded the app and installed it but when I opened it and started the fan nothing happened…my phone must be blocked and that cooling wave of air can’t get through…stupid technology…!! Have I been hacked ???

    1. We’re still working out some kinks. But if people believe the Dyson fan with no blades can actually move the air, they’ll believe anything!

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