Brampton House Party Gets Out of Hand

At least Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who is allegedly in rehab, can’t be blamed for this; Police bust massive house party in Brampton after 1,500 teens show up. Not exactly what one expects from a Toronto suburb, but with social media anything is possible. In excess of 60 police cars arrived on the scene to end the party that got way out of hand.

The photo below, tweeted by @Ankit_26, looks more like a competition to pack as many people into one space as possible, than a raging party. Those kids must have looked like  circus clowns getting out of a Volkswagen when they were leaving!

Brampton Party

It would be interesting to find out what crimes took place in other parts to the city while all those cops were in one place.

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1 thought on “Brampton House Party Gets Out of Hand

  1. Why anyone would want to host a teen party at their home these days is beyond me…what a nightmare.

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