Carlos’ Vacation Adventure/Las Aventuras de Carlos Cigarra. Unas Vacaciones Diferentes

Thinking of learning Spanish? Here’s a blog that may help.

The Adventures of Carlos Cicada/Las Aventuras de la Cigarra Carlos

Just before Christmas I received an email from my friend Carlos Cicada. He wished me all the best of the season and mentioned that he was taking his family away for the school holidays. I returned the wishes and asked him to let me know how the trip goes. Today I found out!

When I checked my email there was one from the familiar in which he told me all about his adventure. I think the best thing is for me to copy the email so you can read it.

Hola Senor,

We are home again after our vacation over the New Year. I had been doing some planning but didn’t want to tell Consuela or the kids. I wanted to surprise them, so all I said was to pack their beach towels and bathing suits. Well Bob, I was going to take the family to Australia where it…

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